Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Waiting patiently on God

Well, trying to wait patiently is more like it!! The people on Monday did sell their house and they are coming to see ours on Friday at noon. They are apparently deciding between 2 houses. Our realtor said that the other house doesn't have a finished basement so hopefully that will help move ours to the top. We also have a showing today at 4:30, so there is still a lot of activity on the house. My prayer has been that it would sell this week so that we can enjoy "being IN" our house over the holidays and our last few weeks here. One problem with friday is that Jared will have just had oral surgery and we may not be able to move him out of the house. So, worst case we will be up in his room. I would appreciate your prayers on this!!!!

I have been cleaning and just trying to get Christmas done! I am almost done planning all my kids going away parties, so really all the pieces are starting to come together. I am also hoping it sells soon so that i can really go through this house and throw away all the trash items that have collected over the last 8 years! I really don't want to move them! I guess the worst case is that I just throw them away there!

I would appreciate all of you praying for the kids: Alyssa has been going to school for 12 hour days to get finished. She is taking her last sem. of english and econ in night school. She leaves Penn at 3:30 and heads to Penway for night school, gets home around 7:30 or so and then does all her homework for her day classes. She is tired and seems to be losing some weight. Please pray for strength and endurance! Jason has seemed to "check out" of school. I know he understands that his grades DO follow him, but he seems to have mentally checked out..please pray he can check back in and end on a good note here! All his teachers have agreed to let him take his finals before break so he can finish the semester. Jared is hard to figure out..either he is in denial or it is just not bothering him. Please pray for him that he would be able to express his feelings, whatever they are.

Hopefully I will be able to post a sale of the house soon. several of you have asked for pictures of the new house. i will try to get the on here but they are embedded in an email and i can't figure out how to save them to the hard drive. i will keep trying!!!

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