Sunday, December 24, 2006

Last Sunday

Well, we had our last Sunday at church, saw as many people as we could, took some last minute pictures and now we are ready to go! It is hard to believe that this week is already here!! We have decided to take today and tomorrow off of all "moving stuff" and really enjoy our time together. That means tuesday will be CHAOS! but we need to have fun in the middle of all this! It just hit me yesterday as I helped pack Alyssa for Costa Rica that I will not see her for almost a MONTH!! We have never been apart that long before. I know, I know, you are all saying "Sara, college is around the corner. this is a good warm up", but i have to tell you that i don't like it at all!!!!!

It looks like we won't have a white Christmas this year....not that I am too upset but the kids really wanted one.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! Have a blessed day tomorrow!

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