Friday, December 8, 2006

Good start to the day!

Well, Jared did well during the night, but woke up around 6:00 with a horrible stomach ache. I think maybe the lack of food and gas from the surgery caused it, so after a zantak and some ensure he went back to sleep for a couple of hours. He woke up feeling really good!! He has almost no swelling and very little pain and is in a great mood. I am so thankful he's not hurting. So....with that and signing the contract on our house last is starting out to be a great day!!! I am looking out my window at blue sky and sparkly white really is pretty! And to top it off, i get to go shop for a new frig! The buyers asked for my frig in the deal......pretty sweet!!!

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Deb said...

Hey Sara: This is pretty cool! I love the new house, it's beautiful.

I am right there with you with Jason - Jesse has "shut down" this year, too. We just moved the boys to public school, and Jesse said he loves it, it is so much easier, yet he cannot seem to get his work turned in.

I am so excited that you guys will be closer! We can drive to see you.