Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Garden Growing

Growing a garden is a lot like growing your faith.

As I cultivate my garden this summer, many things remind me of what I need to do to grow my spiritual garden.

Last year, I moved to a new climate.  As I started to plan my garden, I realized that it would not grow in the same way as my previous gardens had.  This climate is harsher and colder.  The season is shorter.  The ground is rocker.  The animal scavengers are bigger.

I had to rethink how my garden would grow.

My spiritual life is a lot like that.  The seasons of my life differ greatly and what encouraged and made my heart fertile ground in the past, might not work in this new season of my life. I need to be aware of that and be willing to try new things.

My new garden is built above the ground.
One because you can't till rock.  Two because that keeps the javelina out of it!  And I had it built in a specific location that maximized the sun (we live in a forest).

Once my garden was built, then came time to prepare the soil.  I couldn't just put any soil in it.  It needed to be rich with minerals, compost and manure.  I needed to prepare it the fall before spring so all those things could meld together into really great soil. 

Once Spring came, I added some rich top soil and watered it all down before I started planting my seeds.  I picked the best organic seeds to grow and planned out where and how I would plant them.  

But it didn't stop there.

The seeds just don't grow.  I had to put together a watering system so that they got plenty of water, but not too much.

I go out every day to check on my garden.
I look for anything it needs to produce healthy fruit..more water, a new trellis, pruning.  I look for bugs and any signs that my plants might be in distress.

There is a lot that goes into growing a beautiful, healthy garden.

And there is a lot that goes into growing a beautiful, healthy, Christ filled heart.

Just like my garden, I need to prepare the soil.  If my heart isn't ready to hear God's Word, it won't take hold and grow.  I do that through bible study, prayer, fellowship with other believers, reading God's Word.  All those things meld together and make my heart fertile ground for my faith to grow.

And just like my garden, I need to examine my heart daily and ask God to show me what it needs to grow strong and also what needs to be removed.  Daily I need to spend time with God allowing him to mold my heart to be more like Christ.  I also need to allow Him to daily show me things that are causing my heart distress....sin, anger, bitterness.  

My faith is very much like my garden.
When it is well cared for it is beautiful and everyone who sees it, notices!  And when well cared for, it produces wonderful and plentiful fruit...that can be shared with those around me.


Mari said...

What a great illustration!

Cathy said...

Excellent lesson. Thank you for the reminder.

Bellezza said...

Sara, I was so glad to see you visit me again! I'm "late" in returning as it was so crazy closing the school year, and there has been lots of drama with my son which is s*l*o*w*l*y being resolved. But, as you remind us here, we cultivate the soil, we wait upon God for the results. Boy, at 55 I thought it would be easier. Or, faster. Such an impatient person am I.

It's good to see you again. I've missed you.