Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project 365 - Week 18

Week 18.

Before you say anything, I know I never finished my juror story.  It just got a little crazy around here before I could get it put together.......story of my life lately.   I promise I will finish it this week.  I feel like I am on fast forward right now and I really need things to slow down.....I feel like I am rushing through the last few days of my baby's senior year and I want to enjoy each one.......slow down....breath.

Here's my week:
So awesome to have Jason up on the stage today playing with the worship band.

Got called to jury duty and got selected for a jury.  I am juror #7, but for some reason they gave me the tag for #5.

 Fortunately, our judge let us out by 5:00 which allowed me to make it to Jared's last band concert.  He was honored with the John Phillip Sousa Award...the top award a band student can receive!!
Jared with his band director

 Back to jury duty.....we ended up convicting the man.  very sad.

Then headed up to the church that evening for our women's monthly program.  The theme was on kindness and we presented a drama that one of the ladies was so good!!!


Chick-Fil-A is donating 20% of their sales this week to our school's Fine Arts.  So we met some friends there for dinner.  Natalie here LOVES Jason....but then again, most all kids LOVE Jason!!  :)

It was our good friend, Stephens, birthday today.  He has a special place in my heart because he has mentored, encouraged and built into my son Jason.  What a great heart this man has!!!  Happy Birthday Stephen!!

My 79 year old mom has her first pair of Toms!!!
Mom is here visiting to hear Jared's last symphony concert and attend some of his senior events.

 The pool is warm enough to swim!!!  And it felt good today seeing as our A/C went out....ugh!!!

Tonight we attended Jared's symphony concert.  
What can I was amazing!!!

Well that is my week.  This next week is going to be busy too, but if I can make it through Thursday....I will be DONE with most of my commitments!!  whew!!!!

How was your week!!!


LuAnn said...

Congrates to Jared !!!!! I love the picture of him and your mom. So great that she gets to share in the fun.

Unknown said...

Ugh. Our AC went out this week too. Of course, it goes out the week we were in the 90's for 5 days straight. That murphy and his stupid law!

riTa Koch said...

Jury duty only two days? That's good! Can only imagine the business of your days this time of year!
toms look like what we called "alpargatas"
I was gonna say all the things LuAnn said!
Also, great to see Jason. Would be better if I could hear him.
Same, of course, for Jared's concert. However, I look forward to those opportunities when he is at AU!

The Bug said...

Way to go Jared! He's looking entirely too grown up in these pictures!

OK mom - breathe! You'll make it!

Lisa said...

Can't imagine the craziness that goes along with the senior-ness. What an honor for him to get that award...awesome!!

Your pool area looks to nice, and its great to know you guys get good use out of it.

Your mom (as always) is just too adorable!

Skoots1moM said...

i'd like to be in that pool's 88* at 1pm; so hot, so early in the year. ;[
ove those toms...
i ave some in a herrignbone beige and gold ... they go with anything

Amy said...

you're busy busy!! congrats to jared on his award! thats exciting!!!

Robin Lambright said...

When they are in kindergarten you think their senior year will never get here then all of a sudden it's just around the corner.

Our youth had their senior banquet last night, two more years for me and we will be doing the graduation thing here!

Enjoy all these special moments!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

What a memorable week! Savor that excitement and have fun!


I have been wanting some Tom's....and I am 58 and still don't have them. We are on our downhill slide. Next week is Sr Honors Day and Baccalaureate. We graduate on the 25th. I am so ready for this year to be over. Loved all the pictures.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

What an emotionally packed week!

Kim said...

Jury duty never comes at a convenient time, but this week?! Wow. Glad it didn't eat up too much of your week, though :)

That's so wonderful your mom could come and be a part of some of Jared's senior events.

You're talking about a.c. and pools... and we woke up to 48 degrees this morning. Which for us is cold!

Hoping this week has gone smoothly and you're finally breathing a few sighs of relief :)