Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 365 - Week 18

 Week 18.

Most of you know by now that this has been a very tough week in the South for tornadoes and severe storms.  They said on the news the other night that we have seen THREE times more tornadoes in the month of April than EVER recorded before.  As I type this, we have another storm approaching us.  It is not predicted to be as bad.  But I have definitely learned recently, that things can change very quickly. 

I am almost always ready for summer (I am a hot weather girl) but this year, I am VERY ready for summer!!!

Here's my week:

 So happy to have my brother and his family here for Easter!!!


We were supposed to be having a Dyngus Day party with our staff and elders tonight, but this tornado and severe thunderstorm trumped the party!  ugh!  This was a pretty scary storm that 7 people in AR lost there lives in.  So thankful we are all safe.


My roses took a beating in the storm last night.
Not one petal left on the sad.

 Our cable, phone and internet have been out since Monday's storm.  This is where I have to sit to piggy back on my neighbors internet across the street!  I do love my neighbors!  But I do NOT love Comcast and am very frustrated with them right now!!!


Soooo happy to see blue skies!!! 


 My neighbor and good friend moved out today.  This picture made me very sad.....not only is the room empty but I have always loved this chandelier.  She usually had fruit, lemons or limes, in the middle and bright colored beads strung around the outside.  I am really going to miss her and miss sitting on her front porch visiting.


I made 3 batches of Puppy Chow today for the concession stand at the Mr. LRCA contest at school.  Of which I will also now be working since my son is in charge and has strep throat.

So how was your week?  I hope everyone is safe if you have been around any of these storms!!!  Link up and share your photos!!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Very nice family pictures :), I wish we had gotten to meet them while they were here but maybe they will come to visit again?

I never knew that stuff was called Puppy Chow!

LuAnn said...

Glad you had fun with your brother and his family. You will have to let us know when she makes a decision.

Jard and strep again. And always seems like when their is something going on for him. I think these kids just got worn out.

Enjoy the week. Hope theweather is calmer too.

Lori said...

glad the tornadoes didn't hit you. Strep has hit our home too, never a fun thing. hope you have a great week.

The Bug said...

I'm so glad you guys are ok - my world has expanded so much with blogging - more people to worry about!

My brother had strep ALL THE TIME when we were kids until they took his tonsils out. I don't think he ever got it again after that. What's funny is that we used to sleep together then (4 or 5 years old) & I never got strep.

Hope this week is better for you guys!

Ladynred said...

Glad to hear you are ok but feel sorry for those who have lost their loveones! Nice family picture on Easter day!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Oh was a rough week. THEN, I was completely distracted by...the Puppy Chow! I love it!

I trust that this week will be a better week!

Kim said...

What a week! Praying the remainder of tornado season passes UNEVENTFULLY. Goodness, to see the devastation...

Praying for your son too. NOT fun to have strep. Good mom for stepping in for him at the concessions stand though :)

Trust this coming week is BETTER for everyone!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a nice Easter to be able to spend it with your Brother and his family. Those stroms are crazy...I have been thinking of all of my bloggy friends who live that way; glad you are safe. Hope the weather clears up for you and stays that way.

Amy said...

yum, puppy chow!!
I love that chandelier, and may need to paint something yellow after seeing that picture. :-)
glad your family is safe!

RaD said...

Once again, glad you are all safe.

What a roller coaster week! Now your son has strep? I hate having strep, it's one of the worst sicknesses.

Glad to hear your Easter was a good one!

Lisa said...

Yes, I've been watching your area closely...and praying. My cousin just lost her home in TN...she is in her early 20s and had just purchased it a month or two ago. I feel bad, but she is incredibly thankful to have her life, as are many right now.

Praying this week is a little less eventful for you, in a good way. :)

I'm on a horrible computer connection right now, so I will try to link up later. Be well, my Friend!

debi9kids said...

Holy cow. Those storms were horrible.
So glad you are all safe. Wish it was the same for all of those poor families :(

Mimi said...

I'm so glad that you are all safe. That puppy chow really made my tummy rumble!

Hugs & love,

Rebecca Jo said...

mmm - I love puppy chow... I woulda bought all the bags :)

I know - we've watched the weather men more then regular tv lately. THey've got to be exhausted.

My tulips lost all their buds too... rough year for flowers.

Love the family picture!!!

Robin Lambright said...

I here ya on the bad weather...FREAKING OUT is an understatement on wednesday afternoon as we watches the storms roll through Tuscaloosa...needless to say I hugged the stuffing out of Skoot's DD when I saw her at church this morning.

Let's pray that we will all have lots of blue sky's for a good long time.....


riTa Koch said...

What a week for y'all! So glad you are safe.
You sound like such a fun neighbor. Hope you have a good new family move in.
May the good outweigh the bad in your coming days.

Tori said...

Have you lost weight? You look super skinny in those pictures!
Puppy chow is always a hit, isn't it?
So glad you were all ok with all of the storms. Scary times!
Have a great week my friend!!


Running late this week. Loved your photos. Looks like your week was much like mine....glad you faired the storms ok.

Penny said...

OOOOhhh -- I haven't had puppy chow in so long!!! Yum!!

Glad you made it through the storms!

Rachel said...

Looks like it was a very tough week, but your pictures are great! Praying this week is better!