Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Darlin'

Early Tuesday morning, February 16th, my beautiful Mother-in-Law peacefully slipped out of this life and into the arms of Jesus.  I have so many wonderful memories to hold on to because I was blessed to have a MIL that loved me like a daughter. But as a family, we all remember that no matter if you called her, showed up at her door, or she was writing you a card...she greeted you with 'My darlin'.  

Hi Darlin!....My darlin's......well hello darlin!   

While my middle son processed his grief over losing his Grams, he wrote this poem.  He was brave enough to read it at the memorial through his tears and we all cried...
...because we all felt his they were our own.

My Darling 

When I was a kid, 
My idea of a gift, 
Was found in the mysterious contents, 
Of your purse. 
The sacred to me was a toy, 
In this case, Bugs Bunny. 
It was nothing special, 
Yet held it all, 

It soon vanished, 
Along with my childish ideals, 
Leaving perspective, 
And a hard night’s wonder. 
But that wasn’t enough for me, 
In those middle years. 
I hadn’t a clue 
Of what this gift could do. 

It wasn’t until I had my baby girl, 
And saw you in her, 
That I started to see, 
This gift that I’ve been given. 
From that moment on, 
I heard it over the phone, 
The moment you picked it up. 
I heard it on your porch, 
As soon as I could reach for you. 
It embodies two words, 
‘My Darling.’ 

Now I reach back into my mind to withdraw, 
Memories peppered with those words. 
All of which were good, 
All of which were gifts, 
All of which began with those words,
‘My Darling’. 

Now I’ll always look back, 
To this gift I’ve always had. 
I’ll remember always, 
The love on which it stands 

I’ll remember the birds nest 
Tucked into your porch’s roof 
The pear tree and onion chutes. 
Sunflowers, Whisper, and classic books. 
I’ll remember the toast with its cinnamon-sugar elixir. 
I’ll remember the jar of M&M’s and ice cream bowls. 
I’ll remember the smell of your house, your naked lady lamp, 
The turtles, marbles, and big board games. 
I’ll remember the clowns that hung over my bed (and always wonder why they did). 
I’ll remember the fire station, park, purple everything. 
Mr. Bubble baths, and crazy basement carpets. 
I’ll remember the terror of being whipped by a switch, 
And relief after. 
I’ll remember being shocked by the tubes that assisted you. 
By the frailty that soon consumed you. 
I’ll remember the day you left us. 
The day you won, leaving your pain behind. 

This is the day you’ve received the gift, 
This gift you’ve given me, 
As you walked into our Savior’s arms, 
He welcomed, 
‘My Darling.’


Crossroads Keeper said...

I give my condolences. Life my have made me harsh both through upbringing as well as the way I have been forced to live in general, but I am not cruel contrary to some people's popular belief. Through the few dealings we've had, I know that she meant a great deal to you and although I never got the honor of meeting her personally, I could tell she was a great woman and worthy of being missed.

Your son has talent. If he's ever in Seattle have him look the Hugo House up.

Since this is an excuse to make contact, you might want to know that I now have an apt in the University District.It's precarious after a year is up in September, but, I finally did it.

Cathy said...

Beautiful. Sara, my daddy went home the same day as your MIL. Now neither of them will ever suffer again. Praise the Lord.

rita said...

So beautiful! Very moving

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm sure the legacy she leaves will keep her so alive in this world as you all wait for the reunion one day in Heaven.

I'm going to use the word "Darlin'" today in honor of her :)

Stacey Wittig said...

Thanks for sharing, Sara. So sweet, so sweet...

The Bug said...

That last line ... Sigh. Well said, and well done, good and faithful servant...

Mari said...

I'm so sorry for this loss, but joyful at knowing where she is and knowing she is now in perfect health!
The poem your son wrote is a masterpiece and had me in tears by the time I reached the end.

Judy said...

How comforting to know she's with Jesus. How comforting your family was able to be together to say goodbye. Thanks for sharing.

Darla said...

such a great poem from the heart. my condolences.

Kelly Woods said...

Let her soul sleep in peace. God bless you, Sara. Such a heart breaking poem of yours.. I hope your mother-in-law will hear it from the heaven.
Kelly (essay writing place - writing service editor)


Praying for you and your family. Your son's poem was so very touching.

Lynne said...

I am so sorry for your loss, my sincere condolences. What a beautiful tribute from your son...very special!