Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our new home....

This post has been a long time in coming....over 2 months to be exact.

Since our move to Arizona June 1st, I have wanted to post how things are going.  But to be honest, I just haven't been able to find the words to describe how faithful God has been to us.  It has been overwhelming to say the least. 

Plus, so much has happened over those 2 months that it would take me several posts to tell you about it and THAT was overwhelming.....I guess I am easy overwhelmed these days :)

So, today as I sit in my new home on the top of a mountain, relaxing after an amazing worship service this morning, I felt it was the right time to attempt a post.

So many of you prayed us through this last year and I want you to see (or read) what your prayers helped accomplish  :)  Your prayers encouraged us when we were down, they gave us strength to stand firm in our trust in God to take care of us, and many more things that I'm sure I will only know in Heaven.....thank you!!!

First let me share with you a few God moments...

* We moved here the 1st of June and a week later my dad had to have triple bypass surgery.  How wonderful that God moved us here at that time so that I could be there for my mom and dad!!

* When we got here, the main road to our house was under construction.  It was all torn up and just a dirt road full of pot holes.  The bridge was down to one side and was very narrow.  I really didn't think our moving van would be able to make it to our house.  BUT the fantastic driver made it over the bridge with only 3" on each side!!!  The God moment was that had he come even a day later, he would not have made it as they completely closed the road and the van would not have made the turns of the detour!!  

* We have found so many connections with people in our congregation.  It really is a small world!!  

To say that we "fit" in this community and church would in my mind be an understatement.  It has been such a blessing to see how Steve's and my gifts and abilities just completely mesh with the ministry here and how God prepared us for it.

Munds Park is a small, mostly summer community about 17 miles from Flagstaff.  What that means is that many of the people are only here from May to October/November.  Only about 1/3rd of the population are "full timers".  So in the summer we have a full congregation with lots of programs going on and then in the winter we will have a smaller, more intimate group.

We have a wonderful congregation... that seems to be growing each week.  :)  What I love about the people here is that though many of them are "on vacation", so to speak, or retired, they are committed to growing in Christ and committed to walk along side us as we serve Munds Park. They are workers and doers, but mostly they love God and desire to serve Him.  What a blessing!

They have welcomed us and loved on us so well.

I truly wake up each morning, grab my coffee, open the doors to let the cool, crisp air in, grab my bible to spend time with God and first pinch myself to make sure it is real. 
 My heart is so full.  

Over the last year as we waited on God, I never dreamed our obedience would lead to such an amazing ministry where we fit like a dove tailed drawer.  But God is faithful....ALL the time.  And when we wait on Him and walk His way, not our own, it is always best.

Now, after having been in the ministry for over 25 years, I know that no ministry is perfect.....there will be difficult times in the future...that's life.  But I just can not explain to you how it feels to have waited on God for so long, to have taken Him at His word, to have not wavered in trusting that He had a place for us and then to finally be here and have it be more than I could ever have imagined.

God IS faithful.
ALL the time.
Wait on Him!!!

More are the church next post!


Skoots1moM said...

What a testimony of his providence and timing

Rebecca Jo said...

This just makes me smile. I know how hard you prayed & how long you waited to find the spot to be... & this sounds like its exactly where you need to be.

I still need to know about your 'kitties' that were visiting :)

Bellezza Mjs said...

Sara, I'm so happy to read of all the ways that God has met your needs through this challenging time. He is indeed faithful, and it brings tears to my eyes to realize how much He cares about each one of us. Glad you're in a good place again!

The Bug said...

I'm just so happy for both of you!

Cathy said...

God is so awesome! He never does anything half way. I am so happy for you guys!

Mari said...

It's been a long road for you and Steve, but you've continued to lean on and trust God, and I have so appreciated hearing the God moments through this journey. I'm so happy for the way you are being blessed right now!

rita said...

Soooo wonderful! God's way is PERFECT!

rita said...

God's way is PERFECT!

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony of God's faithfulness. He certainly writes a beautiful story!

Im surprised by how cool you describe it as being. Is that the difference of being in the mountains? Is Flagstaff super hot?

Lynne said...

So glad everything is falling into place, but that's God for you....He knows and will make the way for us. We may plan our way, but God will order our footsteps! God bless.