Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

My theme word for this year is TRUST

One of the ways that I find helps me to trust God more is by being thankful.....being mindful of the blessings He pours out on me, big or small.

So, today I am joining my friend Rebecca Jo for her Thankful Thursday.  
Link up and join us!

I am so thankful for my 1st grandchild!  
I can't explain it, but I am already so incredibly in love with this baby I have yet to see.  Maybe some of you other grandmas can relate?

I am thankful my niece is in college only a couple of hours away from me.  She is from AZ and so it is a gift to have her here and to be able to spend time with her!  She and her roommate came up this last weekend.......I may have bribed them with food!  :)

One of my very best and dearest friends lives only 45 minutes from me. We met over 20 years ago in Minot, ND where my husband was a pastor and her husband was in the air force.  I am so thankful that God saw fit to place us close together again and I treasure any time I get with her!!

I truly have the best friends.
I thank God daily for each one He has placed in my life.
But He has blessed me with a few that know me and my heart intimately and just know when I need a little cheering up.  

I am thankful for cooking...and so is my husband though for different reasons!  :)
I love to cook.  It brings me joy and it is my stress reliever.  I love taking a handful of items and putting them together to create something beautiful and yummy.  

I have so much to be thankful for!!  
I have committed this year to end each of my days thanking God for the specific blessings of the day. Even on the worst of days, there is something to be thankful for!!

What are you thankful for today?


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm thankful FOR you about being a grandma!!! So exciting!!!!!

I am finding a lot of joy in cooking more. Its really a product you get to celebrate your accomplishments with :)

Thanks again for linking up!! :)

Nel said...

Oh I can relate to being grandma, only I am granny! Nothing like those grandkids.

The Bug said...

I wish I loved to cook as much as you do - even when you're making healthy things they look fabulous!

Judy said...

My first grandbaby (a girl!) is due March 8. I can hardly wait to see her and love on her. I plan on holding her as much as I can. My daughter miscarried her first at only 7 weeks and I grieved more than I though possible. I am intrigued with how being a Grammy will change me. :)