Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snoring keeping you awake?

I have an oil for that!!

No, seriously I do.

I have a good friend whose husband snores like a freight train (her words) and has for years.  Nothing has helped.

We have been told that YoungLiving's Valor may help with snoring and she decided to try it!

This may sound crazy, but with the vita flex points on the feet, she applied 1-2 drops of Valor on the bottom of each of his feet.  On the inside of the foot from the top of the heel to the big toe.  

And you know what?


She got the most uninterrupted sleep she has had in years!

However, her husband didn't believe her.  So he decided to test it and downloaded a recording app on his phone.  He first recorded his sleep for 3 nights with no Valor.....lots of snoring!!  

He then recorded 3 nights using Valor.

Guess what?

He is a believer.

NO snoring.

And he is now telling all his family about it!!

This little piece of information might just save some marriages!

Ha Ha....just kidding.  But as you age, quality sleep becomes more and more important!

So, if you want information on how to buy some Valor, just email me!!
I will be happy to help you out!


Mari said...

Ok - I'm intrigued. Can you send me some info on this?

Darla said...

I believe you. I believe these oils can do wonders. I haven't been able to use mine for a week, and I was just not feeling good. I used it today all day and my mood is improved almost 100%. Do you know what all is in the Valor? I am using Doterra and I am sure they have a similar blend.

The Bug said...

All right, you are REALLY piquing my interest! Mike snores & apparently I do to now that I'm older & larger :)