Thursday, May 22, 2014


....has not been my strong suit in the past.  But I am working on changing that.

My husband and I are still waiting to see what God has for us next.

And in this time of waiting, I am learning a lot about myself and how much God loves and knows me.

I'm learning patience and where it comes from.

 Andrew Murray says in his book Waiting on God...
it is resting in the Lord, in His will, His promise, His faithfulness, and His love, that makes patience easy.  He also says...
And if you sometimes feel as if patience is not your gift, then remember it is God's gift.

I love that last quote and I am finding the first one to be very true.  When I am resting in all God is in my life and what I know to be true of Him, it brings peace, patience, joy and even excitement.

I am learning that there is a difference between my waiting on God's blessing (a future job) and my waiting on GOD.  When I wait on God, I am concerned with only the present and I see more clearly what He has for me to do TODAY.  When I wait on His blessing, or in our situation - a job, I become  more occupied with what is coming than with God and I miss the blessing of joining Him today.
I don't want to miss ANYthing He has for me.

However, in my humanness there are days I begin to focus on my circumstances and what I can't control... which causes me to doubt, question the past and future and become anxious.

God knows this about me.

It is in these times, that the importance of being in His Word and spending time with Him daily is revealed.  On those days that I am struggling, He always guides me to scripture or a devotion that brings my focus back on Him and encourages my heart....every.single.time.

And when my focus is back on Him, He uses those scriptures to mold my heart more like His own.  That's when I am able to see my circumstances through His eyes and not my own.  I am able to rest in Him and patience comes easy.  And then I am able to see where He is working TODAY and join Him.

I am learning that these days of waiting are precious.
I don't want to waste a single one worrying about the future.

I am holding on to this quote by Andrew Murray..

Be assured that if God waits longer than you could wish, it is only to make the blessing doubly precious.


Mari said...

I'm not good at waiting either. I know God loves me and His plans are always the best, but I'm impatient and short sighted sometimes!
I love your thoughts on this.

Denise said...

I am humbled beyond words that I get to call you my friend. Such words. Such thoughts. It amazes me that you are able to put your thoughts into , well, words that can express not just your feelings, but minister to those of us who can not. thank you for sharing your heart.

Kimberly Hoyt said...

We call it "living in limbo-land" :) And I can add a big AMEN! to what you've written, because you are absolutely spot on. Praying for you!

Rebecca Jo said...

that dang waiting & patience...I don't know many that handle it well. Guess that why God keeps teaching us all in it. Especially as we become a society even more of NOW NOW NOW

StephieAnne said...

Sara - so well written! I'm going to share it with one of "my TNL gals" who's been struggling with the waiting game of getting pregnant. Thank you!