Monday, June 17, 2013

Being an adult is hard.....

Just ask my daughter.

She has some very hard and very adult decisions to make tonight.

See, she graduated from grad school in May and has been interviewing for jobs.  We came to Houston this week because she had a 2nd/on-site interview with one company in the Woodlands, just outside Houston and another 1st interview with a large company in Houston.

She loved the first job and the interview went well.  They even called back today and offered her the job.  

The kicker is the 2nd interview went even better....and she feels this would be her dream job.  However, they are still in the interview process with others and probably won't make a decision for another 2-3 weeks.

So, what do you do.....

We spend most of our childhood wishing and wanting to be adults...independent.  Then when we get there, we find it's not as smooth and easy as we thought it would be.

And we have to make decisions where we are unsure.

That's the place where we can really learn to lean on God.  Where we can learn to trust His hand in our lives.  where we can learn to stop and listen to that voice, His voice, inside us.

So, tonight I am praying for my daughter as she wrestles with her decisions.
 ..that she hears God and will be confident in it.


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, bless her heart. Praying she can relax and feel confident in her decision. How cool that she has such great options when so many folks don't have jobs.

LuAnn said...

Wow praying for God's guidance.


When I applied for my first job out of college....I had two options.....I interviewed for both. I prayed fervently....and the one I truly wanted - teaching...called at 9 to offer me the job. The other called at 9:10. It was a done deal. Will be prayiing for her.