Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 28.

We had a very quiet week.......which we really needed.  I think it was Thursday before I felt like myself again.  Jared is gone on a mission trip, so that meant that I had more time to just rest.  Steve had to go right back to work, so it is taking him a bit longer to recover.  I don't think I realized just how exhausted I was until I quit moving. 

I want to thank all y'all again for your prayers, emails, cards and txts.  We felt so loved!!  God certainly took care of our little family in so many ways.  Please keep up the prayer for Steve's mom.  She is doing very well, but it is still a tough transition.  thank you.

We also had some rain and cooler weather this week.....yay!!!  All-in-all, it was a pretty good week.

It was so wonderful to have Lee and LeAnne at church on Sunday!  They are on furlough from China and it was so great to hear their stories and see how God is working through them!

After 3 weeks of not exercising, I got my shoes on and headed to the gym.  Why is it SO HARD to get back into exercising but SO EASY to get out of it?!!! 

 Jared's french horn was out of state being repaired and was due to arrive today.  I had to sign for it which meant I had to be home.  No worries, Fed Ex always delivers in the mornings here.......not today.  I sat around ALL day and they finally came at 4:30pm.  sheesh!

A sweet friend from church brought us dinner tonight and it was amazing!!  As much as I love cooking, I really needed the break this week.

 My neighbor brought these over tonight.  They have so many tomatoes, they can't possibly eat them all.  I just LOVE my neighbors!!!

 I spent the morning canning all those tomatoes.  And I have to tell you it was so therapeutic!!  I love canning and at the end it is extremely gratifying to see all those filled jars!!!

 my friend, Lauren, turned 30 today. She decided to have a a pool party at her mom's with all her friends and then she and her husband performed for us.  It was awesome!
Happy Birthday!!!

That's it for my week.  Now on to yours!!!!


The Bug said...

I'm so glad you had a quiet week. That food looks pretty yummy - glad you got a cooking break too!

LuAnn said...

I am also glad fo you and Steve for a quieter week.
I am so jealous you got to do canning. Soon very soon for me.

How soon do you head back to IN to take Jared to school??? Phil starts on the 23rd. We sign the lease for their apt on Monday.

Lisa said...

So glad life slowed a really needed that! Definitely harder to get back INTO exercise!


Love the shots of your week. I am glad your week was quieter.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am TOTALLY JEALOUS for those tomatoes!

I am so glad you had some time to rest this week. Allowing down time is so critical after an emotional experience. We forget that at time highly emotional experiences are just as physically taxing as physically strenuous ones. Rest is the best medicine!

and I so understand how you feel when you see all your jars lined up in a row on the counter. Love that feeling!!!!!!

I aspire to grow buckets full of tomatoes!!!!!!!!!

How big is their garden anyway???


Kim said...

Glad you've had a fairly quiet week to recover a bit. Although your version of therapeutic and mine differ greatly :) I don't enjoy the process of canning AT ALL but I do enjoy the end product.

Continuing to pray for your family, especially your MIL.

rita said...

God's timing and provision are soooooo perfect--rest when we need it and strength for the strenous times! And timely meals from friends, or tomatoes from neighbors. We live grace-filled days!
I really liked Lauren's cool birthday bash. I'll have to think up something for my next biggie.

momma frans said...

I understand about getting back to the gym. I started back this week after two weeks off, and I've been sore and tired!!

Those tomatoes look divine!

Cathy said...

Looks like a restful week. Well, all except the tomatoes. However, they look really good and I'm sure this winter you'll be glad for the canned tomatoes.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Glad you could re group a little bit.

I have never canned Sara! I want to learn.

Lori Davidson said...

Dawg! That's a-lot-ta tomatoes! As always, I'm impressed with your mad canning skillz.

I'm having the same trouble getting back into exercise...yuck.

StephieAnne said...

I like your Nikes! My normal exercise routine always goes awry in the summer - at least we got a good hike in last month. So glad you had more of a "down-time" week...and you are feeling more restored.