Saturday, May 19, 2012

Project 365 - Week 20

Week 20.

It felt so good to not have anything really to do this week!!  I handed off the last of my fine arts duties this week and am officially done with high school.  whoop! whoop!

However, I find that when I don't have a schedule.....I waste a lot of time!  I am going to have to work on that this summer.  But for this week....I enjoyed it!!!

Here's my week:

 We had some visitors to CrossWalk this week.  the kids loved it!
Then the younger kids made whales that spit Jonah out!

Oh my word, I was shocked to see Jared eating lettuce today!!  I don't think that has ever occurred.  he said he was craving "healthy food"  What?!!!  who are you and what did you do with my son?

Jason and I went to see the Avengers tonight.  GREAT movie.  I loved it.  Even if you are not a Marvel fan, you should see it!!!

 So Jared got some bad news today...can you tell by his face?
He got his braces off a couple of years ago, but his jaw has been moving ever since.  The orthodontist doesn't know why.  So they put some brackets on his teeth and he has to wear rubber bands through the summer.  Praying it works!


No picture today.  
But today I met with the new president of the fine Arts council and handed all my files over to her!!!

 I saw this recipe on Pinterest.  Olive Rosemary bread.  You bake it in a dutch oven.  This was so easy and very yummy!!!  I think I will try my other bread in the dutch oven because I loved the crust it created!!!

 Today I had lunch with some great friends and then we went to the Ballet to see Aladdin.  One of our other friends was cast as Aladdin's mother.

That was my week.  I failed to mention that our A/C went out on Friday.  We will be getting a whole new unit this coming week......yay us!  :{   Hope your week was great!


Cathy said...

Love the whales! Cute idea. Hope getting the A/C goes really fast and smooth.

Mocha with Linda said...

Fun week! Glad your A/C went out in May and not August!

Lisa said...

That whale is SO cute! I'll have to pass it onto our SUnday School director.

We "could" go an entire summer without A/C, in fact, all we have are a couple window units for nighttime, but I know it is a necessity for you. Not a fun way to spend money!

What a bummer for Jared...hopefully this new plan works, though.

LuAnn said...

I look forward to what you had this week in about 10 days when all the company leaves. I took the week off of work. Look forward to doing nothing.

Sorry for Jared. Hopefully it won't be too long.

The Bug said...

The whale is so fun! I had to show it to Mike - we both said that sometimes we miss going to Bible School :)

Boy, that picture of Jared looking disappointed? Wow - he looks like a total adult there!

I'll be posting my P365 late - we were traveling to Hilton Head yesterday & even though it's raining & I could work on my post now I had already scheduled a Zambia post for today. So I'll come back to link up later today or tomorrow.

Rachel said...

I am cracking up at the Jonah and the whale photo... keep going back to it and giggling! I totally want to try this with Itty Bit! :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week! Funny about Jared wanting the lettuce, I want to see that movie, I have seen all the others and they were all good. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

The bread sounds good, except for the olives, they are just not a fav of mine! But I like the idea of using a dutch oven! I bet it did make a great crust!


skoots1mom said...

love the puppets...and especially the whale spitting out Jonah!!

Kim said...

Gotta love those relaxing weeks after months of HECTIC. hahaha

I'm craving olive rosemary bread now :) That looks amazing! Going to have to try it, for sure.

Am getting my link up late since we're in Sta. Rosa. Didn't have time to get out to find wi-fi until this morning.

Hope you have another relaxing week!

rita said...

Ever such creative children's ministry ideas!
So, did Jared wear the TU t-shirt to cheer him up ;-) ?

StephieAnne said...

So jealous that your kid(s) are out of school already (at least Jared). I know the roles usually flip in August, but I am SO READY to be done with school right now!!!!! (and, of course, so our my kids!)

We LOVED "Avengers"!

Stay cool in that hot weather!

LeAnne said...

Such a cute whale idea!
And am I confused? I've been going to what I thought was the 365 blog for several weeks and thought you'd given it up. I finally remembered you had a second blog and found the week here. Did you combine?