Saturday, April 28, 2012

Project 365 - Week 17

Week 17.

I know I have said this before, but this was a crazy busy week...even for me.  I have a feeling that they are all going to be like this until Jared graduates.  It seems like we have something every night.  But I am trying to take it ALL in and enjoy every minute of it. The reality that my last child is graduating from HS is settling in!! 

But one great thought I had this week as I worked hours in the concession stand......I will never have to do this again!  No more fundraisers or volunteering in the classroom or committees to chair......I won't miss that a bit!!!  :)

Here's my week:

Wonder why my mom has rubber bands on her feet?
Her slippers kept falling off as she walked.....resourceful don't ya think?!
 Today, our school hosted the region solo/ensemble festival.  We had over 2100 students on our campus for the event.  I headed up the concession stand for NINE plus hours...whew!


I am working the concession again today.
yesterday was so busy I forgot to drink anything and got a bit dehydrated.  So today I made sure I had my water with me!!!
We took Lily to get her summer cut today.  They have a new groomer and when I went to pick Lily up, I found that summer cut for her meant....shaved!!  My poor Lily looks pathetic!!!  good thing she can't see herself and good thing hair grows back!!!

Turkey tacos tonight with cilantro lime sweet potatoes

Well, the pool is open and ready for just needs to warm up a bit!  But Lily is very happy to be chasing the pool sweep again!

So much fun being able to see my blogging friend, Mocha with Linda, today has she came through on a college visit with her girl!

 This is our church secretary and administrator.  Tonight we had a baby shower for her and her husband.
  We played one hilarious game.....guess the melted candy bar in the diaper!!!

Do you realize we are just a month away from summer?!!  woot!!  So how was your week?


LeAnne said...

I think Lily was looking at her reflection in the pool. :(

Also, have Steve commit to nagging you about water. I'm horrible about not drinking enough, so Lee has to continually remind me to drink more.

Lisa said...

That is a lot of time in the concessions!

Just think about all that dog hair that will NOT be in your house!

How cute is that couple from your church?!

LuAnn said...

I feel your every emotion with all of this. I really don't know how Iwill handle the end.
4 weeks today is graduation andeven more craziness. Joel's family all from out of town will be heading in on Thursday. Ket the cooking begin.
When is Jared's graduation??? Thinking the week before Phil.

Enjoy your week !!!


I watched a Hallmark movie last night, "Duke" and he looked enough like your Lily to be her brother. Loved the shots...especially getting to spend time with Mocha with Linda. The turkey taco dinner was mouth watering. Have a great next week.

Delilah Love said...

After the record setting heat around my city for the past few weeks I am really envious of your pool! It looks so refreshing and wonderful!

The Bug said...

Poor Lily - although I think she looks cute anyway :)

Your concession work wore me out! It's good to consider the positives of this time in your life.

Kim said...

Poor Lily! I've had haircuts like that too :)

It's a bittersweet time as you do all the "last" things with the last child at home.

I love that maternity top! So colorful and HAPPY :)

How fun that you got to meet Linda! Maybe one of these years we're on furlough, you might make a trip to see Jared at school and we can connect. I'd love that! Our next furlough will be next year, probably June-September. Something to think about!

Have a great week (which hopefully will not involve any concession stands!)!

H-Mama said...

one month from summer? holdme!

your mom's shoes should be pinned on pinterest, yes?? ;) love it!

Rebekah said...

This certainly is a crazy time of year! And the end of something like high school is so bittersweet.

I think Lily still looks pretty cute! Our dog was just shaved too, and she looks a little ridiculous. She doesn't seem to mind, though.

I'm again jealous of the pool. I would have loved to jump in this week, since it was over 100 here.

Great idea with the baby shower game! That's so funnY!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Your pool looks so refreshing!

We did have those wonderful Baby Showers games when my babies came along......

Love the rubber bands on the slippers!

Great week!

momma frans said...

lily looks great! I'm sure she doesn't mind being a bit cooler.
sigh. the pool looks fabulously refreshing.

Mocha with Linda said...

Our picture made me smile all over again! It was such fun to see you!!

I LOVE the baby game! That is hilarious! I'm passing that on to a friend of mine who is soon to be a first-time Nana!

Karin said...

Pool? Summer? Can I just yell a big WOOHOO?!?!?!!!! Can.not.wait. :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Your last senior year...oh, I'm sure it is filled with mixed emotions. Are you ready to be an empty nester?

I'm so ready for summer :)