Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project 365 - Week 12

 Week 12.

This last week was our spring break and we had the BEST week.  We realized this might be the last spring break we have all the kids together, so I did a priceline bid on a hotel in New Orleans, got an amazing deal and off we went for a few days.  We really had a fantastic time.  It is truly a gift to have a family that loves being together and enjoys each other so much!

Only TWO more weeks and I get to visit y'all!!!!  This has been very challenging but has definitely drawn me closer to God and allowed me more time to spend with Him.  But more about that later...

Here's my week:


 I couldn't pick just one picture today.  
We had Minute to Win It in Sunday School was SO FUN!!!  
The kids were awesome and loved all the games!

 We have decided to pile in the car tomorrow and head to New Orleans for a few days.  I am not happy about the weather forecast while we are there.  :(

We drove 7+ hours today and are thrilled with our hotel....I bid on priceline for it and got a 4 star hotel for about 30% of the original price!!!!  Jason's and my first time to eat crawfish...LOVED them!

 There are still remnants in the trees from Mardi Gras in most places!!

 We took advantage of the lack of rain this morning and did a self guided walking tour of the Garden District.  Such beautiful homes and I loved the trees!!!

My muffuletta.....amazing!!!
We ended the day enjoying some jazz at Preservation Hall.

 Of course we had to try Aunt Sally's pralines and got to see them making them!!

 A dreary, rainy day is the perfect time to stop by Cafe Du Monde for a cafe au lait and some beignets!!

Some guy came barrelling down the street and sprayed a WALL of water all over us...ugh.  We got soaked...but we all turned our backs in time and saved our beignets!!!!  :)  And I tried not to think about that gross water all over us!

We hit the aquarium next....a great place to get out of the rain!

 On the way out of town we made one last stop for some beignets before heading home!!  You definitely don't want to breathe IN while eating one!!  If you look carefully you can see the powdered sugar flying off as Jason breathed OUT when he took a bite!!

These two ladies help me develop the curriculum for our children's program at church.  The elders gifted us at Christmas with gift cards to a spa.  We finally found a date when we could all three go together.  Can I just say the pedicure felt A.MA.ZING on these tired feet of mine that walked all over New Orleans!!!

That's it for my week.  I really had a hard time picking out the pictures...there was so much more we did on our vacation.  How was your week?


Kim said...

I'd like to go to New Orleans just for the food! hahaha It looks amazing!

What a fun week... I know what it's like to have those "one last time" events as our kids grow up and leave home. We have such good memories of special times with the kids!

Hope this coming week is also good, if not as adventurous :)

LuAnn said...

We had spring break too.

Looks like some good family time.

Not quite sure on those fish though.

The Bug said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Love the pic of you & Jason - ha! I've never been to New Orleans, but beignets are definitely on my list of things to try if I ever get there.

momma frans said...

Allen went to cafe du monde last summer when he took our group there for mission trip!
sounds like you had a great time. youll have to do a belated spring break vacation post when you rejoin us in a couple weeks!


I love Cafe Du Monde and beignets. Yummmo. Glad you had a good time.

semperfi said...

Yeah for spring break, this year my boys' breaks were separate. Glad you go to go to New Orleans looked like a great trip!

Delilah Love said...

Thank you Sara for hosting! That picture of the sandwich is making my mouth water this morning! Have a great day.

beckyjomama said...

The one time I have been to New Orleans was on a Saturday night ... and we ended up in the WRONG part of town. So glad you had a better visit than that ... the food looks yummy!

And, believe me, I am so ready for my spring pedi!!!

Lisa said...

Love those spontaneous trips! I have a feeling you will do plenty more vacations with the kids...there just may be more people added. :)

Glad you are doing well!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Our spring break is next week. The hubs and I are trying to decide if we want to take a short road trip ourselves.....

New Orleans looked amazing, time with family even better!

Great week!

Rebecca Jo said...

EWWW... yeah, try not to think what's in the water :)

I love Minute to Win it with kiddos.. .they'll do anything :)

Rebecca Jo said...

EWWW... yeah, try not to think what's in the water :)

I love Minute to Win it with kiddos.. .they'll do anything :)

rita said...

Family times are sooooooo powerfully important. I agree with Lisa--there will be more, and more family members as well!
Our family now numbers 15 with the little one due in October!
However, it does get much more difficult to schedule times together.