Saturday, February 11, 2012

Project 365 - Week 6

 Week 6.

Well, I have come to the conclusion that my life is never going to slow down...seriously.  Seems like I get a small breather and then I am back on the treadmill again.  However, in all the craziness, God is showing himself to me in amazing ways.  And I am realizing anew just how big my God is.  I love it!

Currently, I am sitting at the kitchen counter of Rita's house!!  I can't tell you what a joy it has been to be here with her and Mike.  However, Mike has pointed out that I pronounce her name is RiTA not RiDA.  LOL!  We have had so much fun and they have been so wonderful in opening their home to me and Jared!  What a blessing!  Our only disappointment is that Dana (The Bug) got sick. She was driving up here with her husband to meet us and had to cancel.......Dana, we were so sad!! But hope you are feeling better soon!

Here is my week:
My favorite Super Bowl snack made by my friend, Barb.  This is a shortbread cookie with a square of dark chocolate on top and then a piece of brie...then melted.   Sinful!!!!! and oh so good.

 This is the only evidence that shows that I caught myself on fire this morning!  yes, you read that right.  The sleeve of my robe got too close the the flame in my kitchen and caught fire.  It spread, QUICKLY, to the whole front of my robe.  May I just say that when you are on fire, stop/drop/roll does NOT come to your mind.  Jason, yelled for me to take my robe off and as he grabbed it to put it out, I realized my PJs were on fire too.  We were able to quickly get it all out and I am FINE.  BUT, I did find out that liquid fabric softner leaves a residue on your clothes that is flammable.  you can see that nothing was really burned, it was like just vapors burning.  Scary yes, but also funny now that it is over!

No picture today.  I was busy getting the house cleaned and errands run before my trip to Indiana on Thursday.

Today I went by the library and picked up a couple of books on CD for the ELEVEN hour drive we have on Thursday and again on Sunday.  I have already read the book thief, but I have to say that listening to it made me love it even more!

Can you guess where I am? My fellow P365ers might recognize this stair case.... 
 I am at Rita's!!!!
We arrived here tonight and as we visited, we had a hilarious time cracking nuts and eating them....Rita was shooting nut shell parts all over her house!!!
And they landed in some very odd places!  I think she will be finding shells for a long time!

 We woke up today to snow....much to Jared's delight and my chagrin.  
It's COLD.
After visiting Anderson University, we headed over to Taylor to check it out. 
 And of course we had to make a stop at our beloved Steak 'n Shake!!!  :)

 Ok, I published this without being ready!!!  I guess I hit the publish button...not save...and didn't realize it until I received a notice that someone had commented on the post!  And it's not finished!!!  Wow, I am more tired than I thought.

I am holding out for a picture I am taking tonight to finish this post.  Mostly because Jared had his audition at Anderson this morning and I was so nervous I never thought to take a picture!!!!  I had planned to take one of him by the Anderson University sign....but we were both so relieved and exhausted after it was all over we came straight back to Rita's and forgot!!  So I will be taking a picture of us tonight at dinner and posting it later!!

However, I will add the link so you can go ahead and link up if you want!

I can't tell you how wonderful it has been staying with Rita and Mike.  Our friendship feels like one forged over many years and yet this is the first time we have met face to face.  Their home is warm and they have treated us like family.  I will be very sad to leave tomorrow!
Today Jared had his audition at much STRESS!!!  But it seems like he did well.  He will find out for sure in about a week.....have I told you that I am not a good waiter?!

 Tonight we ate at an Upland icon...Ivanhoe's!  this picture of me is what you get after wearing a hat all day...I don't miss 16 degrees!!!
 Rita and I shared the "Cowabunga". Do you see how BIG it is.  we each only ate 1/4!!!
 But they are mostly known for their 100 different shakes!!!!
 We sampled a few!!!  yum!

Tomorrow we leave on the 11 hour drive home. But we leave with full hearts...full of excitement for the future and all full of the warmth from good friendship.  That, my friends, is the BEST. 


StephieAnne said...

Slowing down is overrated....right?

I think you earned the "pass" on Tuesday after setting yourself on fire....good grief, how scary!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sara!


Kim said...

I'm sad Dana didn't make it, but I'm so happy you're getting to hang out with RiTa! :)

Those Super Bowl snacks look soooo good I may just have to try making them.

Glad the fire was not any worse! Whew!

Have a safe trip home!!!!

semperfi said...

Wow what a week. I'm glad you are fine & only mark from the fire is on the robe. I love the looks of the super bowl snacks. Going to have to try them.

LuAnn said...

How fun to be with Rida !!! Sorry about Dana :(

Glad for Jared woo hoo !!!

LeAnne said...

You CAUGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE?! Even your pajamas were ON FIRE? Oh my goodness.

rita said...

Your write up is great!
Like you!!!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

It's so awesome that you got to spend time with my Aunt Rita and Uncle Mike. BTW - Ivanhoe's is GREAT!

the chocolate brie cookie sounds very different but I would totally try that.

I am so glad you are ok after setting yourself on fire... talk about scary!

Have a safe trip home!

He & Me + 3 said...

Love that staircase. So cool. Yum to all that food and that superbowl snack looks so good (and fat free). Ha!
I would love to try all 100 shakes. I think I gained 5 pounds reading your post. LOL


Staircase was amazing. Wow..I could not believe that you set yourself on fire. Glad you were not hurt anymore than you were. The brie/chocolate snack looked yummy and I will have to try it out. The milkshakes...well..they are my favorite dessert. If I had them as often as I like I would weigh a 1000 pounds.

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed the Book Thief, too.

That is exactly as I imagine Rita to fun that you got some time together. In meeting you and Karin and LuAnn, I am amazed at how easy it is, and how quickly it feels like we've always known each other. Such a blessing!

Hope all goes well with Jared's school. Praying you will all hear Clear Direction on it!

Mimi said...

It's great to see you again Sara, it looks like a great week. You've got me craving hamburgers now.

I may make a concerted effort to start taking pictures again & re-join the P365.

Hugs & love,

beckyjomama said...

Fire ... NOT good! And scary about the fabric softener ... since I am ADDICTED to Downy!

How fun to be able to get together like that. What a blessing!

That burger was GINORMOUS! YUM!

Michelle said...

Wow woman...catching yourself on Fire in no bueno! But it sounds like the rest of your week was fire free so that is a good thing. :)

Cathy said...

Quite the busy week. I wish Jared well with Anderson.

So glad you weren't hurt by the fire.

momma frans said...

100 different milkshakes?!?!? that would give me a week-long stomach ache, but it would be sooo worth it. :-)
glad you enjoyed your visit. i'm always a bit envious of those blogger friends that get to meet each other. texas is too stinkin big!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Chocolate and melted bree on a shortbread cookie.......OH My STARS....

I am so glad you and Rita had a wonderful visit, I know you all were disappointed when Dana was not able to come.....

I think I am secretly looking forward to the collage visits, my son chose a different rout so we missed out on all that. It is just around the corner for the DD!!!

I hope he get exactly the perfect collage experience he is looking for!


Rebecca Jo said...

That burger could feed a small country!!!! WOW!!!!!

My goodness - I was holding my breath reading about your fire incident. SCARY!!!!

rita said...

Mike enjoyed the other half of the cowabanga for lunch the next day on his way back to Muncie to mentor the robotics team. Thanks, Sara!

Lori Davidson said...

Okay, I'm trying to imagine what the brie/chocolate/shortbread combo. must taste like. I must say I would never have thought to put those three things together. But some of the best things in life come from combining unlikely partners, I suppose.

Looks like your trip was fun. How cool you got to go see Rita and her new house! That burger is massive, HUNDRED shakes?! I totally dig shakes. I'd have the worst kind of trouble trying to decide which one.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow night!

McCrakensx4 said...

Not sure I would be able to choose just 1 milkshake...YUMMY! What a fun roadtrip and to be able to meet bloggy friends face to face is even better! Hope all went well with J's visits! And that super bowl sweet treat looks amazing but sounds interesting!! lol

Angie said...

Love Steak n Shake! When we head towards the Midwest we plan our departure so that we can hit the first one around lunch time. :)

How fun for you and Rita to get to meet! I'm so glad you had a great time. Don't you just love bloggy friends! If you're ever in DC, please, let me know. I'd love to meet up, as well.

Hope you're week is going well. I've been so busy I didn't get the post up, but when I saw you hadn't added anything this week after the P365, I thought I'd sneak one in there.

H-Mama said...

oh my heavens. i always think about that when making bfast with my big, white, fluffy robe! glad you were okay!

what a traveler you are, my friend... looks like fun.

and what a burger! texas-sized... yes? ;)