Saturday, January 21, 2012

project 365 - Week 3

 Week 3.

First, I need to apologize if I didn't comment on your post last week.  There were several of them that blogger would not allow me to comment....frustrating!!!  It's good to see so many of you back for another year!!

My week was much better this week but still crazy busy.  Seems like we have started out 1012 with a bang and it is not going to slow down for a while.  So I guess I better just get a good grip and hang on!!!

Here's my week:
  We had the honor of being part of the ceremony anointing elders for the Korean church that meets at our church.  It was also a celebration of their 2nd year.  It was a bit hard knowing what was going on...seeing as the whole thing was in Korean!!!  But the food afterward was A.MA.ZING!!!

 I finally found a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie that my whole family liked!!!!  Seeing as it is one of my favorites, I am very excited!!

I spent the evening wrapping utensils for the Tim Hawkins dinner on Friday....250 didn't seem like so many until we started wrapping!!!

 several years ago when I was having a hard time with parenting, a good friend of mine brought me a bouquet of sunflowers.  I had said that I wanted off the parent train and she told me that since I couldn't get off, maybe she could make the view a bit nicer with the flowers.  Recently, I commented that I wanted off the parent train again.  This week she showed up with this sweet my view is always nicer!!!

I spent the day serving with Samaritan's Feet.
You can find out more about that day HERE.


Tonight was the night!
After months and months of planning, the Tim Hawkins concert was here.  I was in charge of the VIP dinner for 250 people.  It went so well and Tim Hawkins was hilarious!!!
Today Jared had his all-region band concert.
Another last....and probably the best all region concert yet.  It was awesome.
Hope you had a great week!!!  Link up!


The Bug said...

Wow what a BUSY week you had! I'm glad it all went well. That pot pie looks fabulous - yum!

LuAnn said...

crazy- crazy- looks like everything went great for you !!!

Do you have the pot pie recipe posted?

Have a great week friend.

momma frans said...

chicken pot pie is one of my favorites!!! unfortunately my husband isnt a big fan, so i dont make it very often. :-/
yours looks delicious!


Loved your week. The pot pie looks wonderful and the food after church looked amazing. Will you post the pie recipe?

Pamela said...

What a week you've had! Your sunflower girl is just beautiful as well as the sentiment behind it. And oh...the pot pie looks delicious, I hope your next week has a slower pace.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

We have a Liberian congregation that meets at our church. I have walked past them several times and just marvel at the sound of their worship...very different from ours!

Planning for big events....lots of work but the pay off with a successful event once it is over is a good thing!

My son used to play the french horn, brings back memories!

Love chicken pot pie!

You had a busy week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

and.....there have been many a time I wished to get OFF the parent train myself.......have mercy!

Good friends and lot's of prayer are always a good prescription for those bumpy trips!

I have had a lot of turbulent trips, especially with the son!


Kim said...

hahaha I think all of us have wanted off the parenting train :) Some day we'll get to see our kids experience the same thing with their own kids :) But that's a very nice visual reminder from your friend to "hang in there"!

Since my computer was in the shop most of the week, I'm behind on my blog reading. Looking forward to catching up! Your Thursday looks interesting!

Hope you have a good week as you "hang on" and "hang in" there!

Lisa said...

Good grief, Lady. Don't think you could have squeezed in any more! Looks like lots of good stuff, but that's a whole lot of fun for one week.

They say if you want something done ask a busy person and its really true. You get more done when you are going, going.

Rebekah said...

It's so neat to participate in another culture's worship services!

I'm so glad your concert went well. It sounds like fun, and I know it's always nice when things go off with a hitch.

The Samaritan's Feet project sounds wonderful. It's humbling to watch kids serve others like that.

Rebecca Jo said...

TIM HAWKINS!!! Glad that went well... I could listen to him every day! Love someone that has a sense of humor!!!

The men being ordained is so special... what a moment.

rita said...

So many beautiful photos representing special moments!
You are a busy BRAVE lady to be IN CHARGE of dinner for 250! Wow! not me!
Still wishing the parent train were optional at times ;)
If Jared goes to Anderson, we might get in on some of those good concerts.
A couple weeks and you'll be here!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Wow... what a busy busy week for you.... I don't know if I could manage organizing dinner for 250 people... my sister and I plan a spring banquet for the adults in our church which is around 40 people and that is enough for me. I enjoy it and it's a huge blessing to do but I also enjoy when it's all over.

McCrakensx4 said...

Glad you had a better week this week. Loving the statue with the sunflower (one of my fav flowers). Glad your dinner and concert turned out great...always makes it better! That chix pot pie looks delish!

skoots1mom said...

off, on, off, on...
yep, bad days, good glad He never gets off ;)

Angie said...

You take fun pictures, Sara. Love you capturing the prayer over the elders. So cool.

We have a pot pie we love around here too; when you find the right one it's awesome!!

Thanks for hosting!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

A very good week Sara! Tim Hawkins! Oh, he is so much fun! Would love to see him in concert!

Helen said...

The chicken pot pie looks fabulous! I love your sunflower lady. She reminds me of my Willow Tree People. I absolutely love them! Have a great week!

Foursons said...

Your sunflower friend is an incredible woman. We all need a sunflower friend- does she have a clone in my neck of the woods?

I love chicken pot pie too. Sometimes my husband loves it and sometimes he hates it. He's weird that way.

Looks like you had a busy but good week!

shell said...

I haven't comment in forever but read your blog all the time. Love seeing your kids growing and still miss living across the street from you. You would be so proud to see all the cooking I have done and all of the giving away. :) Thanks again for teaching me how to use cooking to serve and love others! Have a great week! Love ya!

Michelle said...

Ok, that food spread looked so yummy. Speaking of yummy, is the recipe you used for the chicken pot pie online? If so please share. I found one on Our Best Bites that we really like.

As for the cupcake condo....I bought that at Costco for something like $18. Being in Walmart country I suspect you don't have a Costco in town?

RaD said...

LOL... I think you meant 2012!