Saturday, November 19, 2011

Project 365 - week 47

 Week 47.

Everyone in my house was still sick this week.  Steve FINALLY went to the doctor on Monday and what do you know, he had a major sinus infection......hmmmmm.  Jared ended up at the doctor this week too, also with a sinus infection.  So, they are all on the mend!!!  whoop!!!

My whole family from Arizona will be here next week!!  We have never all been together over Thanksgiving before and I am very excited!  So I doubt I will get much blogging done, but you never know!!!

Here's my week:
 The ladies in my life group decided to go to Spirited Art together!  I am getting good at this now! ha! Tonight we painted this manger scene.  This is the whole class when we were done!

She caught me!
When Lily needs to go out side, she sits and stares at you till you notice her.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of her staring Steve down, but she kept seeing me out of the corner of her eye.  Most likely she was thinking "quit taking the stinkin pictures and let me outside!"

 What do you do on a rainy, dreary day?
Make cookies!!

One of my favorite books was made into a movie and went straight to DVD.  I was so excited and got some of my friends that had read it together to watch it.  We were SO disappointed.  It was nothing like the book.....very sad.  Although we all agreed it redeemed itself when Hugh Jackman surprisingly appeared in it!!!

Today was our last Bible Study lesson and we ended with a luncheon!  These ladies add so much to my life and I am very thankful for them!!

This guy in front of me is in the LEFT turn lane..
His blinker says he is turning RIGHT.

My friend, Holly, turned 50 this week.
Her husband had a fantastic surprise party for her tonight.  

 I spent most of my day recovering from the 15 boys from youth group that spent the night at our house last night and cleaning.  But I did make time to meet a friend for an iced latte!!

So, how was your week?


The Bug said...

Ooh cookies! Those look yummy. I'm glad your guys are on the mend. LOVE the manger scene! Those colors are great.

So, did the guy try to go right? :)

Bellezza said...

Love these personal glimpses into your life, Sara, and at the same time wish I had more Christian friends around me in real life. I'm so happy for you that you can be with your whole family for Thanksgiving! Also, I love seeing that you're participating in the Advent Tour. I'm scheduled for December 9, and I want to write something meaningful but not too preachy. It's a fine balance. XO

LuAnn said...

I am so excited for you that your whole family will be together over Thanksgiving. I am sure you will have some great games, food and many memories !!!

I made cookies Thursday night, white chocolate/chocolate chip.

I pray that you and your entire family have a blessed Thanksgiving week. AND .... everyone stays healthy too.


Yummy on the cookies and I bake them too when I can. Love the painting. That is gorgeous. I actually made oatmeal raisin cookies on Friday night. Today I made Reese pie and Blueberry buckle for a eating thing we were invited was my first shot at the Peanut Butter Pie concept...and it turned out well.

Kim said...

Happy everyone is on the mend!
Cookies? Yes please! :) Those look yummy!
Y'all did a fantastic job on your manger scenes... I love that concept!
I'm usually disappointed when favorite books are made into movies. What drives me really crazy is when they eliminate major characters, or change them so significantly you don't even recognize them.
Have a wonderful week with family!

semperfi said...

The painting is beautiful!!!! You did a great job.

Lisa said...

A full week, for sure! That's the way you roll, I guess. :)

The table was set beautifully for the luncheon!

I've never read that book but I'm about to order it from the library. Maybe I should wait til Dec 26 to start it though. :)

Have a BLAST with your family. I suspect there will be some board games played. :)

McCrakensx4 said...

I love love love your Christmas tradition. I went back and read your posts on it from the previous years and cried as I read inspiring.

How fun that you will have your entire fam there with you this exciting!

And those cookies look DELISH!
Glad everyone is feeling better...have a great week!

momma frans said...

where is everybody this week!?!? the "link-up" list is a bit thin.
so, did the guy turn right??? :-)
hope everyone is healthy in time for thanksgiving! enjoy it with your family coming in from AZ!!

rita said...

First thing I read was 'major sinus infection' and said, "Me too!" Finished one round of antibiotics and getting worse. What to do...
Love the paintings and the whole concept of Spirited Art. Oils or ...?
I especially like your sky and star.
Snow Flower was a favorite book. I read it aloud as my SIL knitted (?) out in Idaho two years ago. We read a review of the movie this time and didn't know whether we wanted to see it or not.
Have a wonderful all-family Thanksgiving!!!

P.S.: The Red Barn is supported by offerings and the ministry sponsored by YFC. The kids do not pay.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

hope you have a great holiday with family and friends