Saturday, October 22, 2011

Project 365 - week 43

 Week 43.

I was sad to see my son leave to go back to college at the beginning of the week.  We had so much fun with him here over fall break.  However, would you believe that we did NOT play ONE board game?!!  I think that is a first, but these boys were tired and slept a majority of the time they were here!!! .....and then ate the rest of the time!! ha!

Here's my week:

Our church had a picnic outside after the service today.  
It was a perfect day for a picnic and so fun!


Pumpkin bread is a family favorite!
I made some today for Jason to take back to school.

Jason left to go back to college today :(
We had such a great visit with him and his roommate.
This is what I found after he how clean this room is!
I love him!

My Thankful Tree is filling up!

Steve is sick AGAIN with a bad cold....ugh.
This time we are trying this.

Alyssa has been wanting to decorate the walls of her apartment but she is on a budget.  Today we went out and found this cute fabric and stretched it on a canvas.  All was on sale and it turned out so cute!!!
We then covered some smaller canvases with a coordinating fabric.  She is going to pin pictures on those and hang them on either side of the larger one!!
We were both very pleased with how they turned out...and I had a great afternoon with my girl!

 My big kids, plus two of Jared's friends carved pumpkins today.
They turned out GREAT!
 Now to roast the seeds!!!

So how was your week?


momma frans said...

the pumpkins look great!!! i love the wall in jasons room--thats cool! your thankful tree looks fabulous. :-) have a great week!

The Bug said...

LOVE the pumpkins! And Alyssa's fabric board - that's such a great idea.

LuAnn said...

cute pumpkins !!!

And love Alyssa's new wall decor !!!!

Can't believe that boys room , maybe there is hope for Phil :)

semperfi said...

love the new wall decor!!! Where did you find that fabric? Would make a cute throw/mini quilt


Pumpkin bread...yummmmy. Love the pictures and that framed thing was gorgeous. The pumpkins that were carved were so neat. What great pictures.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

love those pumpkins, they did a great job. I can't believe how clean your son's room is. I really like that fabric, certainly perfect for a hanging

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Oh, no. Sick AGAIN?! Emergen-C works really well.

And...WOW!!!! Your kids did a FABULOUS job on those pumpkins!! I'm completely amazed! Did they have patterns or something, or is that freehand?

skoots1mom said...

one day i look forward to my college student leaving a room better than she finds it...she's truly LIVED in her rooms and is still being perfected in that area

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

I love how the mother/daughter decorating project turned cute!

And that bread looks delicious!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

The pumpkins turned out really cool! I can sympathies with the hubs...nursing a cold fun!

The bread looks wonderful!


rita said...

College kids that come home to sleep, I remember those days.
Picnic weather? Wow! I'm in Idaho for a week, 33 here today.
Love the thankful tree idea, and the fruits of the Spirit board and the jack o'lanterns and pumpkin bread and roasted seeds...yum!

Mimi said...

It was great to get around to catch up. I hope to back to P365 this week, God willing.

I don't think I've ever seen either of my boys rooms looking half that clean.

Hugs & love,