Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another last..

I am heading out today for what will probably be my LAST college visit.
And to go along with the whole "last" feeling, the weather has decided to be gloomy today....ya, doesn't help the mood.

My boy has pretty much decided he wants to go to Anderson University in Indiana (cue wailing.  it is 11 hours away!), but he is visiting one last university here in Arkansas to make sure.

This particular University is only ONE hour one versus two ones is a much better number in my book!!!

However, I want my son to be where God is calling him.  Where he will not only get the best education for his choice of major but where God will grow him to the man He wants him to be.

As his mom, I would of course like that to be closer...I have gotten a bit used to having all 3 of my children in the same state again....but I also realize that God's plans don't always line up with mine...but His are always better!!

So, I think I will just look at this day as a "mother/son date day"!!!


rita said...

For four years we would get to see you fairly often!

LuAnn said...

you and I - sometimes I just have to laugh - I posted a last yesterday evening too.
We our doing a college visit tomorrow in Milwaukee @ our Lutheran college. I am all on board for that one. Then in two weeks we are headed to Iowa. And you said it so well. The Lords knows. I have to let him guide Phil to the right place. And it is gloomy here today too.

Enjoy your day !!!

Cathy said...

I understand your pain. Remember mine is about 1000 miles away. However, Anderson is less than 2 hours from me. My brother and sister both attended Anderson and loved it. It actually is a sister school to Warner University that my daughter is attending in Florida. Anderson is the headquarters for our church. In fact, that's where I wanted our daughter to go, but for her particular studies, she and her daddy thought Warner was best for her. So mama lost and she's 1000 mines alway. lol

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

11 hours!!! I understand the wailing! God will send him where he needs to be...closer to home SEEMS better... Anderson is an amazing school too...not too far from The Glen!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

from all the momma's out there, we can hear your wailing......but you have a wonderful perspective on knowing that even though it will be difficult seeking God's direction is what is most important....

I know you will be enjoying your time with your boy...


Just an FYI: I posted my orange marmalade recipe today if you want to taker a look at it:)


I am sorry Sara...I remember those last days of high school...and then the last days of living in my house...and then she came home with chicken pox her freshman year and I could not wait for her to go back....God does have a sense of humor.