Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project 365 - Week 38

 Week 38.

So where was everyone last week?  We had so few link up...I think 1/2 our normal group!!!  It must have been a busy week for everyone!!  I hope we will see everyone back this have worked too hard to quit now!!!!

This has been a great week for me!!!  I was so, so happy to start both of my bible studies.  There is something about jumping back into God's word after the summer that is absolutely wonderful!  I am feeling like my schedule is starting to gel, though I am still busier than I would like to be.  However, this being my baby's last year.....I will be doing everything I can!!!!  :)

Here's my week:


I made this for our Life Group tonight....Rosemary Skillet Chicken
Oh my, it was so good!!
You can find the recipe on my Pinterest board
(no this is not my picture, I forgot to take one!)
 I was so excited for this bible study to start tonight!!  I am ready to dig into God's Word in a deeper way.  


Worked on band buttons today.
Our show has a 70s them....hence the love ribbon!

 I was gone ALL day today.  We started our church bible study, Esther and then I had to run errands.  I had a 2 hour meeting at the school at 1:00 and then had more errands to run...ugh.  Jared had plans tonight so Steve and I went out for Sushi.  I had a coupon so we got to try some Sushi rolls that were a little were amazing!!!

This one has lobster inside!!!!

 Thursday night is our night with Alyssa.  We have a scheduled night for her to come to dinner (and she does her laundry)  She has been so swamped with grad school, it was great to see her.  And I made her favorite meal....stir fry!

 We fed the band tonight before the away game.  Here they are listening to a devotional done by one of the dads.   Sadly, right after this they canceled us going because of rain.  :(

  Yesterday was my neice's birthday.  So Alyssa and I drove down to Arkadelphia, picked her up and took her to Hot Springs for lunch!  We had a GREAT time....even if we did get a bit lost on the way back!  :)

So how was your week?  Are you getting back into a groove for fall?


Tiffany said...

Looks like a super busy, but super fun week. The dishes look GREAT and I may have to try one of those this week. Did you post recipe? {fingers crossed} Hope you have a great week!:)

LuAnn said...

How nice for your niece that she has family close by.

And happy that you know you will get to see Alyssa once a week.

What did you feed the band???
Our band got cancelled before te game and the halftime time because if the rain. Always enjoy seeing them perform.

Enjoy your week. You continue to always be a part of my prayers :)

Rachel said...

You look busy! I think I need to move closer to you - I bet I could find your kitchen by scent :)

Have a great weekend!

Karin said...

Your food pictures are making my mouth water! Nice presentation and everything looks so yummy.

rita said...

Yes, I scanned your post and there was food, food, food--reminding me I better get busy and prepared for all the family today.
I am looking forward to starting one Bible study this week too, and maybe another the next.
Yes, falling into fall!


Food looked great! Your week looked as busy as mine. Keep us up on how that bible study looks like an interesting one. We just finished one on Revelation....and my brain is fried.

Lisa said...

I'm jealous that you are in a bible study that you love. Hoping to find one soon! Beautiful food pictures. Your niece is so blessed to have you guys close...she's had some major stuff happen in this short month!

Elizabeth said...

Your 365 posts always make me hungry!

My sis has lots of friends at OBU. Fun!

Rebekah said...

Looks like a busy but good week!

All of that food looks so good, and I may have to try that rosemary chicken. It looks delicious!

Isaiah is a wonderful book, full of both promise and challenge. I hope you enjoy studying it!

The Bug said...

Love the food pics - but man I especially would love to eat that sushi :)

Happy birthday to your niece!

RaD said...

Mmmm.... Your food always looks yummy. Glad you and Alyssa can see each other once a week. Sometimes I wish my mom lived closer.

Sorry, I've dropped out. I didn't want to, but God's been working on me about my priorities and the internet takes too much time away from my family. So I had to drop some things. 365 being one of them. I'll be around, but not as often.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

All your food look wonderful this week, especially that sushi! My hubs does not like it at all so I have to wait for Skoots and me to go out for lunch (or now we can make it at home....hmmm sees to me I got the idea for a really cool person...)

Great week!
Buster is feeling much better and back to his usual perky self!


H-Mama said...

i'm still all kinds of impressed... even if the chicken is not your pic. ;) is it just me, or does it seem like this yr sped up? busy-busy. or am i showing my age? ;)

Elizabeth said...

I have been out of sync for a while with my P365 but I am finally back on track!
That lobster roll looks delicious.... what's the name of it? I would love to see if they offer that roll at my sushi restaurant.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

You always have the most amazing food pictures! Looks like you had a busy week - yummy but busy :)

Kim said...

Busy but in a good way -- sounds like a great week!
How lost did you get? :)
Good thing I was munching on chips and salsa while reading/looking at your food photos or I'd have made a beeline for the fridge. lol Everything looks so good!

Stella said...

I seriously love the project 365. It makes you take photos and memories of everything! Much kuddos to you!