Saturday, September 10, 2011

Project 365 - Week 37 and remembering 9/11

 Week 37.

Remembering 9/11....

I remember exactly where I was when the planes hit...I'm sure most of you do too.  I was getting my children ready for the bus.  Alyssa had already left for school, but my boys were just getting ready to leave.  I had the Today show on as we got ready.  It caught my attention as Matt or Katy said there was a rumor that a plane hit one of the towers...which was quickly confirmed as fact.  We sat in utter shock as we watched the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower.  For several months afterward, my youngest son Jared would frantically run into the house every time a plane flew over.

I remember spending a good portion of the day trying to get a hold of my dear friend, Ellen.  Ellen and I worked together in NYC in my first years of marriage and had remained close friends over the years.  I knew that Ellen worked in one of the towers and I was frantic to get a hold of her.  I would finally talk to her toward the end of the day to find out that she had over slept and missed her train that would take her into the City.  God is good.

Three months after 9/11, I had a trip to NYC scheduled and we decided to go ahead and go.  It was so strange to see military in the airports with machine guns...a stark reminder that things had changed forever.  I can't tell you the emotions we felt as we went down to ground zero.  There was a fence they had constructed around the site, but in several places, you could peek through and get a glimpse of the wreckage and the burned out buildings surrounding it.  It made your stomach completely drop.  All the memorials and pictures from people looking for family were still up and overwhelming to see.  It wasn't the same City I worked in and loved so many years before.

I have since been back to NYC. I took my daughter there for her 16th birthday.  The City was still changed, but was alive and as wonderful as I remembered it.  I had so much fun showing my daughter around the island and we both cried and reflected when we visited the memorial site.

NYC has a special place in my heart and I am praying today for all those who lost loved ones on 9/11. But the people of NYC have also shown us that we are a resilient people. And the terrorists did not win. I pray today that we would, as a nation, return to our first love.  That we would remember that we are one nation UNDER GOD. That we would, individually, place Him first in our lives.

Here's my week:

 My niece, the blonde, and her roommate are here for the weekend.  Went to church this morning and when we got home, Jason was there with 3 of his friends from college.
 We had a GREAT time playing water volleyball and then the kids hung out on the deck for a while.
 Of course, settlers was brought out later in the afternoon and then the girls and I went to see The Help tonight......just as good the 2nd time!!!!

Well, Labor Day didn't turn out as I had planned.... 
 We woke up to Kayley and Janeal throwing up with a stomach virus...ugh.  Kayley spent most of the day right here....poor thing was so sick.

 The other kids enjoyed another round of Settlers. 

I enjoyed watching the US Open in between caring for the girls and getting the food ready for the BBQ.....I think I was too busy to realize that I was getting sick too.
 Steve manned the grill and made these awesome wings that I found on Foodgawker.  Go here for the recipe!!!
 The stomach bug hit me hard in the early evening and Steve had to take over caring for everyone and getting the house all picked up after the boys left.  The girls were still too sick to leave for college.

No picture today....I was just too sick.

The girls were able to leave for school about noon.
I never made it out of bed.
My poor husband is so tired...he washed all the sheets the girls slept on and got the house cleaned and back in order, went to work, plus took great care of me....I love that man!
 Didn't feel like doing much..still feeling puny.  So I worked on my Children's Church schedule and curriculum most of the day.


 Still not feeling well enough to get out of the house or do much.  So, what is a girl to do...but spend the day on Pinterest, Foodgawker and watch the US Open...
...guilt free!!!!


I think Fall might just be creeping it's way in!!!
It was so cool we had our windows open this morning!!!
  If you saw my post yesterday, I saw and pinned a picture of a Thankful Tree.  Today, I made my own for my foyer and I LOVE it!!!  As we head toward Thanksgiving, my family and those who visit my house can add the things they are thankful for!  I can't wait to see what it looks like in November!!

That's my week.  What did you end up doing?



The Bug said...

I'm so sorry you were sick - that's no fun at all. LOVE the thanksgiving tree! If I had somewhere to put one I'd do the same thing.

momma frans said...

we were married just 11 days after 9/11. my brother in law was on the first flight they let out of Canada, and when we flew to pennsylvania for our honeymoon the airports were eerily quiet. we met several people on our honeymoon that were directly affected by the events of that day as well. can't believe it's been ten years.

love your thankful tree! I really want to do one, but I don't have a good spot to put it....

hope you're feeling better!!


I am so sorry you have been sick. I have had bronchitis...but I have worked with it...went to Dr. on Wed. I love the thankful tree idea....and think I my put one up at church in the foyer. Thanks for sharing the great idea.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

sorry you were under the weather. glad you got to enjoy the weekend with your kiddos

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved the 9/11 tribute and all the pictures. I'm so sorry the stomach bug invaded.

Enjoy your cooler weather. We're heading back to triple digits today and will likely be there for the week. Ugh!

Lori said...

Stomach flu... DISLIKE!!! Glad you are over the worst of it. I don't know about you but when I'm sick I actually get bored... tired of sleeping, watching tv, etc. Here's to a better week!

StephieAnne said...

Love the family gathering place being your home over Labor Day, the thankful tree, the autumn decor you already have next to it, and the amazing story of God protecting your friend so obviously on 9/11. I DON'T love the fact that y'all got so sick. Hope you are feeling great now!

McCrakensx4 said...

bummer that you and the girls got sick last weekend...I didn't have a yucky virus like that but a terrible head cold knocked me out on sat and i spent most of my day in bed...blah! Love the thankful tree...great idea. Wish we were getting cooler weather here; so tired of the over 100* heat.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. Those tummy bugs are no fun at all!

Love that thankful tree......


rita said...

That was one serious bug! Sorry :(
Great 9/11 memories!
Family fun--can't beat that!
We had a bunch of kids here on Labor Day too. Great!

Kim said...

Doesn't sound like a very fun week :( Hope you're completely well and back to 100%!