Monday, August 1, 2011

Reaching the generations

One of the best seminars I attended at She Speaks was called Bridging the to build a multi-generational women's ministry

It was fascinating!!

We learned about the different generations and why it is hard to unite them.

Here is just a "sampling" of what I learned:

They experienced the great depression, WWII, they are rule followers.  They are loyal, team players and respect authority.  Their challenges is that they desire respect.  Their communication is done person to person, face to face and hand written notes.

Boomers (I am a boomer)
This is the 2nd largest generation.  They experienced Vietnam War, rebellions, woodstock.  They are 1st with TV and 1st to be marketed to.  They are a sandwich generation, they have both their kids they are raising and their parents they are taking care of.  They tend to be liberal, nurturers and have a goal of leadership.  Their challenges are that they are helicopter parents.  They have a strong desire to buy and desire respect and public recognition. Their communication is face to face, email, txting

Gen X
This is the ME generation.
They experienced the end of the Cold War, 1st black presidential candidate, internet, political distrust.  Their challenges are a hazy sense of self identification, prefer to work independently, judgmental of boomers style.  Their communication is mass email, blogs, FB, txting

Gen Y
Millennial generation
Largest generation today
They have experienced about everything as a Y, 2 parents working, divorce.  They are tech savy and optimistic.  Interested in open feed back and peer oriented.  Love teams and groups.  Their challenges are tech overloaded, their "flexibility" complicates.  They need constant feedback and everyone needs to win. they are their 1st and main priority.  They are loyal to people not companies/church.  They communicate by Fb, tweet, skype.

Gen (Z)
Next generation, not named or completely born yet

The seminar went on to help us plan and meet the needs of a multi-generational ministry.  This is something that has always been a challenge, but even more so in our current day and age.  But it doesn't make it less important or change the fact that God commands us in Titus to bring the generations together.

Some ideas they gave us....
*have a woman from each generation on your planning committe
*be intentional. plan events that specifically appeal to each generation
*start a mentoring ministry
*Unite the women behind a cause that has jobs that appeal to each generation
ie. ministering to a shelter, public garden together
*techy class - younger teach older, cooking class - older teach younger
*dinner - each person must invite someone from a different generation
*secret sisters

Aimy Steele was our speaker and you can visit her blog for more information about generations:


Penny said...

Oh my gosh, what great ideas!! I'll have to tell my preacher's wife about this!! =)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Having two gen y children I know how tech savvy they can be and how they enjoy communication via texting...the DD will sometime text me from her room...LOL.

very interesting fact about the different generations!


PS: I have several jars of peach jam cooling on my counter :)


Next year I want to attend this. I loved this scenario and it sounds like something we had at inservice at school a year ago. Fascinating.

Karin said...

Very interesting insights! Thanks for sharing them. :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Can't remember if this is one of the cds I ordered...but I'm hoping so. Sounds like great information.

He & Me + 3 said...

I think those are great ideas and the descriptions are pretty much spot on for the generations. wow.

rita said...

Muy interesante. Gracias!