Friday, August 5, 2011

Just plain.....


Like record breaking hot.
with a bazillion % humidity.

I seriously can not concentrate, or make myself do more than what is absolutely necessary.

And blogging requires that my laptop, which puts off heat, must sit on my lap...

I am sitting here in my family room....which faces the afternoon sun....that is ALL windows...and there is sweat dripping down my face..

They say that you can only expect your a/c to cool things 20 degrees off the outdoor temp.

it is was 114 yesterday.
it is 104 today.

You do the math on the temp in my house.

I think I am getting cranky.


Linda said...

This too will pass! Hang in there!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I agree totally! It is just to darn hot. We had to go to the DD H.S. registration the other day....HUGE building, filled with HUNDREDS of people, had the privilege of riding in a HOT school bus (there were so may people there they had to have a shuttle set up) needless to say it was just to DARN HOT!

We all need to be praying for some relief from this heat!

Dreaming of the cooler temps....


skoots1mom said...

praying away those 'overly hot' days...ya'll have really had tough weather in all seasons over the past year ;/ praying it gets better

StephieAnne said...

So, not the best time to visit the south, huh? Uggghhh, I think I would be melting. There's lots of times I'm jealous of y'all - the actual "spring" that you get, the warm temps early in the year - even that random batch of snow that you had this year. But, right now, I am 100% content with my summer in Oregon!

BARBIE said...

That is hot! I don't think I would survive. I am a baby when it comes to heat. If it reaches 90 here it's too hot! Hope ti cools down for you soon.