Saturday, July 23, 2011

Project 365 - Week 30

Week 30.

Right at this moment, I feel like a sponge that is so full of water that it can not contain one.more.drop.

I am at the She Speaks conference and it has been all I imagined and more.  I think it will take me a while to process all I that have learned and received...and I still have tomorrow morning!!

I can safely say, though, that it has been life changing.  And God has revealed more things to me in 2 days than I can possibly begin to tell you.  Many things will probably remain between Him and me, but I hope to come home and share some of it with you later in the week.

Here's my week:

  These are the pictures I had planned to take last Sunday!  our decorations for the summer and our safari theme!!

 So it was recommended that we have business cards (or contact info cards in my case) for the She Speaks conference.  Mine came in the mail today!


I didn't take this picture today.
However, this was my view for the afternoon.
I have had a couple of rough, after cleaning today I treated myself to some alone time by the pool!
Today was a pretty great day!!
I was able to have lunch with a dear friend who is leaving for China for 2 years.  I am so glad I got to see her one more time!  sorry no picture, LeAnne, but it was awful of me! :)
 Steve and I went out to dinner for our 27th anniversary...which is tomorrow.  We had such a good time, I completely forgot to take a picture.  So, I took this one as we left the restaurant!  I love him!!!

And then I ended the night with the best surprise!  My son was supposed to come home tomorrow night, after I had left for She Speaks.  But he walked in at 10:00pm to surprise me!!!!  Did this mama's heart good!!!

Today, I celebrate 27 years of marriage to my best friend!!

Today is also the day I leave for She Speaks!!!
I first flew to Memphis where I met Jamie.  Jamie and I have been blogging friends for about 3 years or so.  I can't tell you how fun it was to see her face to face today!!!
 We thought we would have a couple of hours in the airport and then on to Charlotte......well, that turned into about 7 hours when they finally told us they were canceling our flight....ugh!  I was so glad we were together!  Delta put us up at a nice hotel, with new tickets to head out tomorrow!

We FINALLY made it here today around 2.  Just in time to check in, get settle and get to the opening event.  My speakers tonight were amazing.  One in particular spoke directly to my heart....this is going to be a life changing weekend for sure.

I am on complete information overload right now.
But this has been such an incredible day and will take me a while to process.
All I can say right now is....Wow.
Now it is your turn.  Link up and share your week!


RaD said...

I've read the book One Thousand Gifts, amazing. How fun that you got to hear her speak. Can't wait to see what you share this week!

Christine said...

How incredible! I love Ann! She has taught me SO much! I'm sure it must have been amazing to hear her. Also, I love the second picture of you and Jamie. In the second one it is evident that you been through 'life' together after your airline ordeal and become great friends. So happy for you, Sara!


Loved hearing about your week and all the fun stuff. Happy Anniversary again...and I am thrilled you got to She day I am going. I will be attending Women of Faith's Imagine the 12-13 of August and am so excited. My daughter is going with me. Woooo Hoooo!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad you are enjoying your trip and getting a lot our of the experience

The Bug said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the conference - & that you didn't let the feeling of dread stop you. Your contact cards are really cute - it would have been a shame to waste them :)

Happy anniversary to you & Steve - you're a cute couple with great kids!

H-Mama said...

a bloggy friend meeting... turned into girls night! talk about getting lemonade out of lemons. ;)

Mimi said...

What an amazing week. I can't wait to hear more when you return!

Hugs & love,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

We can't wait to her all about She Speaks....


debi9kids said...

Have a wonderful time! I wish I was able to go to conferences... but alas I have no one who can watch my youngest with autism :(

momma frans said...

happy belated anniversary!! congratulations on 27 years!
glad you're enjoying the conference and the Lord is speaking to you!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

OH!!!! I am SO jealous you got to hear Ann V. speak!!!! *sigh* I'll bet your head is just spinning with all sorts of things to ponder. It's great you got to go. Maybe one of these years, I'll get to attend.

Happy Anniversary!

P.S.--Forgot to respond to your allegations of no sunscreen last week. :) You are correct. I didn't use sunscreen on my legs. Back, shoulders, chest, all those. But I've never used sunscreen on my legs! Trouble was that I SAT on a noodle and floated in that position the entire day. Big, dumb mistake!!

skoots1mom said...

good pics...would love to be in your pool ;)

Elizabeth said...

My husband loved to have business cards made for us so we could give them to friends and family. We would always put them in our Christmas cards too.

Happy Anniversary!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh mercy - I bet that conference was amazing. Cant wait to hear more about it!!!!

Love your son surprised you!!!

rita said...

I read your blog post this morning and got so caught up in the taidye link and Ann's book and story, that I ran out of time to comment before it was time to go to church.
I am thrilled for you--the life-changing conference and to experience it with a bloggy friend.
I will be following your blog this week.

The Cyber Hermit said...

Looks like you did have a good time after all :).