Saturday, July 2, 2011

Project 365 - Week 27

Week 27.

As I type this, I am on my way home.  I am sad to be leaving the Tetons, but ready to be home and see my kids!  This has been one of the best vacations we have ever taken!  The beauty that surrounded us was overwhelming at times.  And I don't think I have laughed so much in one week.  Seriously, when was the last time you laughed till you cried?  I did that 4-5 times a day!!!  God has truly blessed us with some wonderful friends and I enjoyed every minute with them!

If you have never been to the Tetons or Yellowstone, you really need to put it on your bucket list.  It  is something everyone should see and experience.

I hope you enjoy my was soooo hard to narrow them down each day!  But get comfortable because there are A LOT!

I am starting from Saturday a week ago because it got left off last week:


 The start of our road trip!!!!
In 10 hours we will be in the Tetons!

 Our first glimpse of the Tetons

Dinner at the Mangy Moose.
my first taste of Elk....pretty good!!!
 Today we got up early and headed to Jenny Lake in the Teton National Park.  We took a 5 minute boat ride across this lake.
  We first hiked to the most AMAZING waterfall.  There is so much water here right now, that it is just thundering down the river.
  The pictures just don't do the view justice!!!  And we are fairly far from this waterfall and still getting sprayed
  Then we hiked up to 7200 feet to Inspiration Point....I thought my lungs would burst, seriously.  But it was soooo worth it.  We had to walk across a lot of snow to get there.

My and my girl friends!!!  Love these guys!!!
 Wow, the view was unbelievable.  And honestly, I don't see how anyone can view this and not believe in God.  Only He could come up with this kind of beauty!!!
 Started out our day at Old Faithful!
So much fun to sit and wait for it to erupt.

 These buffalo came right up by us...pretty crazy!

 I love my friends!!!  You guys rock!
Praying for my friend in the grey shirt...she is leaving us tomorrow and Wednesday is donating one of her kidneys to a little girl who desperately needs it. 
Please pray for her!!!

 This is the whole group.
  oh my word, this is NOT a zoomed picture.  This guy let us walk up and take his picture.  I think we were disturbing his nap!
 The views here are just amazing....every where you turn, it's breath taking!

 We had to say good bye to James and Kathleen today.  :(
  As we drove out this morning, we ran into this big guy!!!!  I finally got to see a bull moose!
 We then went on a float trip down the Snake River.  
We didn't see as much wild life as we would have liked, but it was a lot of fun!!!
We did however, see several bald eagles....very cool!!!
  Afterward, we stopped here for breakfast...not a bad view while eating french toast!!!
 The guys went fishing this afternoon and the girls.......well, laundry called and then so did shopping!!!!

 Had to say goodbye to Wendi and Jerry today. 

 The guys headed out on an all day fishing trip.  So April and I took the tram to the top of Mt. Rendezvous....10, 450 feet!!!!

 What a spectacular view!!!!

 yes, I am wearing flip flops with snow all around me!!!
 After the tram, we headed into Jackson for some shopping and had lunch at a Thai restaurant.  This coconut soup was amazing!!!!!

For our last day in Jackson, we took a jeep ride back into the mountains.  I can not tell you how breath taking each view was.  This place is amazing.
We had stopped to get a picture and turned around and saw this guy at the top of the hill.  He looked like a sentinel!! We saw more moose today, a fox, antelope and buffalo.

This is my favorite picture of today!!!
 Good bye to the very sad.

at one of our stops, Nathan bought an bull elk bugle and of course had to try it out!
 We stopped in Cheyenne for the night.  They had a outdoor concert going on in the town square, so we sat out there for a while and listened. Then had one of the best dinner we had the whole trip at the hotel!

 Saturday started off with breakfast at the home of a high school friend of mine!!  I don't think we have seen each other for over 20 years!!!  I loved getting to see her and meet her family!!

  We rolled into Colorado Springs to a big thunder storm.  I am NOT complaining though because it is still in 60s!!!  tomorrow is going to be very hard!
Thanks for putting up with vacation pics!!!  I will be flying on a plane heading home tomorrow.....but I am very relaxed and have a very full heart.....I can't ask for more!!!  Well, I could ask for it to be in the 60s when I get home....but I think that is probably not going to happen!!


The Bug said...

Wow that looks like a GORGEOUS trip. I'll definitely add it to my bucket list :)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a great trip. love all the flora and fauna pictures

skoots1mom said...

trips like this are what i dream gorgeous and what fun friends!


I love the Grand Tetons. I went on almost this same trip several years ago with some special family/friends. We had a blast and it looks like you did too. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation pics with us. Loved them all!

semperfi said...

I love all of your wildlife pics. What an awesome vacation!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Our time in Yellowstone and the surrounding area was by far one of the most amazing places we have ever seen. You are so right. I remember thinking the very same thing about God's creation. Looking up at the Tetons, the waterfalls, Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon and then you wonder how folks can not believe in God! It just blows me away!

All your pictures made me want to go back.


momma frans said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! looks like you had a fabulous time, and that is definitely a trip i will add to my list!! :-)

Lisa said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I was there when I was 12 and still remember it so well.

Sounds like you have some pretty amazing friends. So happy you got away!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh WoW...your vaca looks amazing!! Makes me want to visit. Glad to hear you had an amazing time. We will be heading to CO next week for a vaca and we are all so very excited! LOVED the pic of yellow daisies with snow capped mountains in the background...would totally frame it!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I've always wanted to experience that area!! We are currently in discussions about potential vacation spots. And Yellowstone is on the short list. Of course, it's up against Disney World, so we'll see... ;)

Loved all the pics!! Beautiful! So glad you had fun!!

debi9kids said...

Oh wow! Now I am kicking myself that we didn't include that area in our cross country trip last year. Darn!
How beautiful!
Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous pics!

Angie said...

I feel like I got a vacation just looking at your pictures! Beautiful. Peaceful. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing your time with us.

Rebecca Jo said...

Those mountains!!!!! Take my breath away!!!! That makes me want to go travel just to see that stuff in person!

My dad would have that big cowboy boot in his front yard if he could :)

rita said...

I enjoyed ALL your photos. What a wonderful blessing to have such dear friends and be able to share this time with them.
My fav is your fav! Very lovely.
Such a beautiful thing Kathleen did. Let us know how it turns out for Macy.

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow. Amazing pictures. Just gorgeous!

Renee said...

Sara~ Thanks for sharing your vacation! Our family is headed to the same spots you visited in August. I got some wonderful ideas, sites to see and things to do!! I was wondering about the Jeep ride in Jackson. Was it with a company and could you pass the info on to me? We have 2 teenages and I think they would just <3 this!

Rebekah said...

I love the Tetons and Yellowstone! It is one of my favorite places I've ever been. The beauty is just astounding and God is awesome.

Your pics are great and most definitely make me want to go back.

H-Mama said...

amazing. i enjoyed catching up with your vacation memories. it's hard to capture the feeling of the moment in pictures, but we can try... right? ;) so beautiful!

my vacation posts are coming in long, marathon version. i feel the need to apologize to my readers.

Ladynred said...

Wonderful pictures and lots of fun. I love the sunflowers!