Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project 365 - Week 23

 Week 22.

This week was very stressful for me.  Our pool pump died, our frig died and then our coffee maker.  I had started to have a little pity party about my money frittering away when life brought me some perspective.......My FIL being in the hospital and not knowing what was going on with him and then on the heels of that my nephew crashing his motorcycle and being in critical condition. 

Life and God have a way of setting our perspective straight!  Those other issues are just things.  I can choose to replace them or not.  But you can't replace your family and those you love.  Thankfully both my FIL and nephew are doing better.  My FIL has been moved to a rehab facility to strengthen his legs before he goes home....which should be next week some time.  My nephew is out of ICU and on the mend.  He is in a lot of pain......broken arm, leg, ribs, back, bruised lung and whip lash.  Thanks for all your prayers for him!!  Please continue to pray for his recovery!

My week did end on a very happy note!! Take a look:

 I love it when the teenagers help me out with dramas in CrossWalk.  This is about Solomon trying to figure out who the baby belonged to.  When Solomon said "cut it in half", the boy sitting in the dark shirt gasped!!  they were so in to it!!
Then we went out side for a survivor type "wisdom" challenge.  some of the things they had to do were eat 10 crackers, memorize scripture, hula hoop.  It was a blast!

No picture today....I was so relaxed, I forgot!!
We worked in the yard, read books, and had our neighbors over for dinner.  
It was a great day!

 We had our staff over tonight for a Sushi Party!
Everyone made their own sushi roll and then we all tried each one and voted on who had the best one.  
It was a lot of fun!! 

 Our neighbors gave us this frig that they replaced 2 years ago and we have become very accustomed to having it in our garage.  So it was painful when it died this week......not only because of the cost to replace it (because I now can't live without one in my garage) but also because of the meat I am having to cook up due to it thawing before I realized what was happening...ugh.

 I had a HUGE package of bacon that thawed from the freezer, so tonight....BLTs!

SO happy to have everyone home!!!
We celebrated with a steak dinner and then an evening of cards!!!
I truly love that my family enjoys playing together!!

The pool was ready to swim in today....despite the pool man!!!
We had fun playing vs the adults....and then the boys played around with the water balls.  We ended the day with some homemade pizza!!!
Pretty close to perfect!
So how was your week?  Link up and give us a peek!!!


The Bug said...

I'm sorry you had so much going on - but I'm so glad that your FIL & nephew are doing better. And that the pool has been fixed :)

Pamela said...

Quite a week, I'd say. And yes, people are more important than things. I hope you can replace your refrigerator. When my husband was pastoring I had an extra one--more than a need than a luxury!


What a week you had. Loved the BLT and all the family time you seemed to have gotten in. Hope next week is better for you....and you will be enjoying that nice pool.

StephieAnne said...

Of course, that last picture is my favorite - along with the one of all of your family being home with you. =)

So glad to hear that your nephew and father-in-law are doing better - what a week, indeed!

RaD said...

Love the Sunday pics. It's nice when the youth help out, and it's good for them to learn to serve.

Sorry to hear about the fridge. Can't you freeze some of the meat once you cook it and save it for an impromptu meal later down the road when you need something fast?

Yay! That your swimming pool is clean again despite that dratted pool guy. :)

LeAnne said...

When my mom was designing my ideal husband, she included a desire to play games with the family. I think above any other quality (except his faith), she is thrilled that Lee enjoys cards and board games with everyone!

Ladynred said...

Having a great time and relax, good company and good food! Awesome week!

joybug56 said...

GOD is amazing always! Sorry about the pool pump that is not good, frightful about the refrigerator that is not good, BUT OH MY OH MY we cannot have the "COFFEE MAKER" go out is the other ingredient to dealing with the other losses! < wink wink >...
I love victory stories and yours is one....good food fun...and the LORD standing over all of you daily. Have a blessed SONday!

Mocha with Linda said...

Sorry the week was so hard. Love the pics and thinking of your family being together!

Lisa said...

When life serves you untimely thawed bacon, make BLTs! :)

So funny that the boy gasped during the Solomon story. I think I gasp everytime I hear that story, too. Said a prayer for your extended family...tough week.

So happy you have your kids under your all make such a precious family. Love you.

rita said...

Good news about nephew and FIL's improvement. What a scare!
That's why I miss Monday photo's so often--it's the day to relax after the busy weekend (especially for pastors, right?).
I have yet to try sushi.
We love to play games also, but it's harder now with grandkids of all ages running around.
Never thought about graduation customs being so different from region to region.
Have a very good week, Sara!

debi9kids said...

Thank God for the healing of your FIL and nephew.
God certainly does have a way of showing us our priorities, doesn't He?

We had BLTs this week as well :) YUM!

Your pool looks SO inviting! Can I come over?

The Cyber Hermit said...

So...nothing about the Goldman curse? :P

Mimi said...

Sorry about the rough start, but it looks like it ended up being a good week. That BLT has my mouth watering for summer tomatoes!

Hugs & love,

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

So sorry about your pool man. Ugh. That's really crummy. But take comfort... (??), it's not just pool men. That happens across the board, it seems, these days.

AND...sorry about your extra fridge!! Man. We have an extra fridge that I can't imagine living without! (Ha! Not like we've always had one or anything.) But we are certainly very used to it now. After all, a family of 6 trying to get by with a dumb ol' side-by-side--and counter-depth at that! That's no fun! You know what my husband would say to this? Some people don't even have ONE fridge! And...then I'd roll my eyes. (But I'd try to do it with as much honor and respect for him as I could muster. hee hee)

I LOVE your idea for having a sushi party!!!!! Almost as much as I love sushi. :)

I hope your father-in-law and your nephew heal quickly. God is so gracious to give us perspective.

skoots1mom said...

i love having my second fridge,'ve inspired me with the sushi party...gonna have to do that with BS&K...
maybe next week won't have so many unpleasant surprises.

skoots1mom said...

well....hubs went out there without my knowing it and proceeded to throw it away...yes, he did. :( does this face look happy?

Rebecca Jo said...

Love the family all at the table together!!!!

a GASP for a Bible story? You KNOW they were into it ... awesome!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

love the family picture. and a steak dinner is always a fun way to enjoy time together

Rebekah said...

BLT's are my favorite!

I'm so glad you got your pool fixed. It makes me want to go for a swim.

Elizabeth said...

You pool looks wonderful now! So glad you finally got to enjoy it!
I have really been getting into sushi... I think your party sounds like a great idea... I may have to do that sometime!
That BLT sandwhich looks soo good... my mouth is watering!

Karin said...

I was about to write something sympathetic about your wild week but then I got all distracted by the photo of the pool and started to drool. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Needing that pool right now. So hot here. Love that BLT. YUM I want one so badly. How neat to have such great helpers at church.