Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My first Sushi Party

First off, I would like to ask ya'll to pray for my nephew.  He is 18 and was in a motorcycle accident this morning, He is in stable but critical condition.  They have him in a drug induced coma as he is on a ventilator and his lung is badly bruised.  He also has a severely broken arm and leg.  Please pray for healing and peace for my SIL and BIL.  Thanks!

Tonight we had our first ever Sushi Party!!!
We invited our staff and it was a blast. 
If you are looking for a great, hands on type dinner party...this is it!!!

I had my dining room table all set with bowls for the soy sauce and chop sticks...
 But we used the kitchen table to make the sushi. 

 I found a video on-line that taught you how to make perfect sushi rice and between the rice cooker I borrowed and that video, I made perfect rice!!!
(I will be heading out tomorrow to buy a rice cooker)
 I made little name flags to put on each sushi roll so we could keep straight whose was whose!

I had all sorts of ingredients like...crab, shrimp, avocado, papaya, red peppers, asparagus, cream cheese, cilantro and quite a few others
 First we watched a video I found on-line showing us how to roll the sushi.  And then everyone dug in and got creative!!
 The rice is super sticky, so you had to wet your fingers to move it around on the Nori.

 Our worship pastor even made his own sauce......his roll won by the way!!

 We had lots of fun figuring out what all we wanted in our rolls.

 For it being everyone's first time, they turned out pretty darn good!!!
These two even have sesame seeds on the outside.
I was so impressed!
 And then there was my husband....who used enough rice for two rolls and when he got done, his looked more like a burrito than a sushi roll!!!
It took up more than half the mat!
 Actually, several of them ended up pretty big, but do you see his...the one at the top left...just a bit bigger than all the rest!!!  I have to say though, it was one of my favorites for taste!!

 Since he used so much rice, we wasn't allowed to make another one :) so he took the opportunity to snuggle our Youth Pastor's foster baby!

 Once all the rolls were made and on the platters, we moved to the dining room and dug in!!!  Oh my word, they were ALL good!!!  But in the end it was our Worship Pastor's that won....he made his spicy with jalapenos and some Texas Pete's sauce!
 here were the six different rolls

 This was such a fun party and one I will definitely do again!!  
I just have to get better at rolling the sushi!!

 And once it was all over, I made a bee line for this sweet thing!!
What better way to end an evening than snuggling a sleeping baby?!!!


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Praying for your nephew and family!!!

Your sushi party looks like it was a ton of fun!

The Bug said...

What a lot of fun! I LOVE sushi - I would have been in 7th heaven :)

Prayers for your nephew...

Penny said...

Praying for your nephew!! Keep us updated!

We love sushi parties. Ours usually aren't nearly as organized, but they usually take at least half a day, lol!

Kim said...

Praying for your family, especially your nephew and his parents. What a difficult thing.

I agree that sushi parties are a blast. We had one last year with some young men who were more than a little wary about the whole sushi thing (it isn't very common at all in Argentina yet) but in the end they had a wonderful time AND enjoyed their sushi creations very much :)

Karin said...

Praying for your nephew. Keep us posted.
No idea that sushi was made like that! I might actually be willing to eat some that doesn't taste like week old fish. :) Steve's cracked me up!!
And the baby....swoon!!! :) She is beautiful!

Mama Belle said...

Sorry about your nephew. Praying.

And, WOW, lady! I am super impressed. Not sure I'm brave enough to attempt sushi at home even though it's one of my favorite things. Two thumbs up from me.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Your poor nephew and his family! Accidents like this are so hard...praying for peace and healing!

Um...can we join your staff? I'm married to a pretty stellar associate pastor and sushi lover! What fun! Going to pass this idea along...although I have a feeling we'll all just head to a local sushi place. We're not brave rice rollers! Awesome memories, yes?

Toyin O. said...

The sushi looks yummy:)

Stella said...

Nice! My friends and I used to do Sunday Sushi! Delicious!

Caty Karther said...

You are going to have party that is wonderful. I always wait for these types of the parties to be happening. And you have prepared rice by learning from a book. And that would also be very tasty.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...


It would have to be a girls party at my house, the hubs does not do sushi..


Kevin said...

i am Praying for especially your nephew and his parents.