Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am not going to complete the 52 letters in 52 weeks challenge.

I so wanted to.

But as you can see from my sidebar, I am woefully behind

I really feel letter writing is becoming a lost art ....that's why I wanted to do it.....it may also be why I'm not completing it!  :)

So, for those of you that sent me your addresses.....my apologies.
However, I am going to keep them in their special file....just in case.

You never know......I may get a wild hair and send note some day.

Please, don't hold your breath!


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

It has become a lost art. I wish I was better about it too. But in the days of texting and emailing I don't take the time to write an actual letter.

Rebecca Jo said...

I've actually done better then I'd thought I'd do... I have missed a week here or there, but I also have sent out like 5 cards at one time... 10 or 20 is better then zero - right? So just keep at it :)

Penny said...

I tried to do the Picture A Day project, too...and failed within the first week, lol!

Sara said...

Oh friend, it can still happen. Letters do not have to be lengthy.
I don't know if you read my post about Ruth's journals; but just having those tiny blurbs in her hand-writing is treasure.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I hear you. I SO love getting a snail mail letter and send them out as I think of it...but time always slips away.

Cathy said...

I'm behind too, but I'm not giving up yet. Sometimes it's just a card with a 1 or 2 line note and some have been several pages long (to my daughter). Don't quit yet. You never know, you just might make it yet.

Pblacksaw said...

years ago long before I had the internet I used to write to over 300 penpals.. I can't imagine now how I ever kept up... but just a few words will do.. I am doing the 365 /photo a day project.. I post on the wrond day and am always behind with blogging but I do make at least a few shots every single day... you just might make it yet.. an inspiring quote or a few words of wisdom and who knows who's day you may make special..
Have a wonderful day! Feel free to visit my blog for a glimpse of my world!

H-Mama said...

girl, i'm right there with you! well... my challenge happens to be the photos this year. how did that happen? i did so well last year. *sigh*