Saturday, April 23, 2011

project 365 - Week 17

Week 17.

He is Risen!!!

Hope you all are enjoying celebrating Jesus' resurrection!!  How thankful I am that He didn't stay in that tomb!!

What a fun and crazy busy week I had.  I am so happy to have my brother and his family here for Easter, minus my nephew :(  I am loving spending time with them!  My niece was offered a scholarship for softball at OBU this week!  How fun it will be to have her close to us for college!!! I am praying she says YES!

Here's my week:

Sunday was a great day!!
It had the potential of going in the other direction because it started out with the power still being out at the church.  The tornadoes on Thursday night caused this tree to fall on the power lines to our church.

 There are still lots of people without power in LR, so they didn't get to us before Sunday.  But the morning could not have gone better!
I set up the K-5th grades outside on the patio and once they were all there, we took them up to the basketball courts for their lesson.  The day was beautiful and they loved being outside!

And the service was one of the best ever...even without a sound system or lights!!
So wonderful when God shows up like that!


I am on the Fine Arts council at school and we are having an appreciation lunch for our fine arts teachers Wednesday.  this is our gift to the teachers!  Love these tumblers!  The cross is our Fine Arts logo.
We are also selling them as a I have 145 of these in my dining room at the moment.
MORE storms tonight!!!
This turned into more tornadoes....ugh!!
I am really getting tired of this.
  found out yesterday afternoon that the location for our Fine Arts luncheon fell through. It need to be a place close to the school (they were coming on their lunch hour), so I agreed to have the lunch at my house.  The food was catered so all I had to do was host 25 teachers and FA council members.  It really turned out nice!!

 Kind of funny seeing a school bus in my driveway!!

 My brother came in with his family and we took our kids to see OBU today.  Kayley was offered a position on the softball team for the fall!!!  Despite all the rain, it was a great day!


 we had a wonderful Good Friday Service tonight.
Our worship pastor had set up different stations to remember what Christ had done for us.
 Here we remembered where Christ said he would take our sins/burdens as far as the deepest ocean.  The rocks represented our burdens and as we prayed we dropped them in the water.

Here we wrote names of friends/family members or areas of little rock that needed to know Christ's redeeming love and place them on this wall of rememberance. 
What a special night.
  Jason came home today with his best friend.  I love having a full house...even if they are all asleep!!!

And a full table is even better!!
I love having my brother and his family here!!
I am praying there will be many more times if Kayley comes to OBU!!!!
So how was your week?!!!


Tiffany said...

Other than the tornadoes....looks like a GREAT week:) I love having family over, too {fun times}!

LuAnn said...

HE is Risen indeed - Alleluia !!!!!

What a great week of worship and family time. How fun to have your niece that close. (If that is what she chooses) Joel and I were trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of the college.

I look forward to Easter worship, Easter breakfast, we have a oyful handbell song we will be playing, then going ot my parents and spending time with my family too.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. Hope things settle down weather wise for you. Happy Easter

The Bug said...

Looks like a great week! I often feel like doing church in the midst of a crisis of some kind makes it more meaningful. LOVE the interactive Good Friday idea!

momma frans said...

love the pictures/activities from friday night!
send some of that rain our way!!

Lisa said...

He is risen indeed!

Love the rocks in the water ceremony...neat!

SO funny to see all the boys crashed in the living how full your house so often is. You are such an easy hostess!

The Cyber Hermit said...

So glad it's been such a good visit for you :).

We will probably miss you tomorrow - Mike is not feeling at all well but we know you'll be okay even though "Steve has to work on Sunday" :).

RaD said...

What a full family week!

Sorry to hear you had so many tornadoes. I'm glad your family has been safe through it all though.


I love Stations of the Cross, I love Good Friday services, I love Maundy Thurs ones too. My old church had a Seder meal on Thursday. We had a Sunrise service this morning, followed by breakfast and I can't wait for the rest...cause I know the best is yet to come. I want a tumbler. How can I buy one?

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the stones... & the area to write names... I just love Holy Week!!!

Hate you all went through all the storms/tornados. We had it rough here too this week.

I LOVE that you all had a wonderful service even without electricity!!! GO GOD!!!!

I cracked up & fell in love with the "Bless our ARTS"... that's AWESOME!!!!

Happy Easter lady!

Amy said...

I remember those days of tornado warnings from my days in Iowa and Arkansas, still think I would take tornadoes over the earthquake potential here in California. Yep pretty scared of the big one.

Great week with so many loved ones around...YIPEE.

McCrakensx4 said...

Happy Easter! What a wonderful week depsite the nasty weather. Hoping that all clears up very soon. What fun it would be for you to have your niece so close by! And love the idea of having the cool. (and I desperately want to be that house where everyone comes too...loved that pic of everyone sleeping!)

Kim said...

Hopefully this coming week will be "storm free"!!!
Otherwise, looks like a fabulous time with family and friends, celebrating and enjoying all God's gifts :)
Like the idea for the wall of remembrance!
Have a wonderful week!

rita said...

Common experiences this week:
--storms and rain
--family fellowship
--remembering Christ's sacrifice for us in unique ways.
All good!
We've loved the 'full table' times this week too.
Have a blessed week!

Mimi said...

What a great week filled with worship & fellowship!

Hugs & love,

H-Mama said...

with all this crazy weather, so glad you guys are okay!

a full house is busy-fun. ;)

and a school bus in the driveway... *giggle*