Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 365 - week 13

Week 13.

Well, this week was supposed to be very different than it ended up.  All my guys left on a college visiting trip and I was left home alone....the house to myself.....for a week!!!

Oh did I have plans!

That was my first mistake.

Here's my week:
No picture today

Alyssa left this morning to drive back to school...she was not feeling well, so I was pretty worried until she got home.  But she made it fine!

My boys left after church today.
They are driving to Indiana to look at colleges for Jared.  Jason decided to go along since he has several friends at the different colleges.

Soooo...I have the house to myself for a WEEK!!!

 Started working up at the church today.  This is my new office.
And then I got the unexpected pleasure of babysitting this sweet boy so his mama could go to work for the afternoon!

 spent the morning with my CrossWalk committee working on curriculum for the spring and summer.  It was a VERY productive morning.  I love working with these ladies!!!

This was a VERY BAD day.
I worked back up at the pharmacy today to help them out over spring break.  When I got home after work, I opened the door to the worst smell EVER!  My poor Lily had had diarrhea....

After 4 hours of scrubbing, 3 mop heads, a bazillion candles and several blisters...I finally got it all cleaned up and smelling better.

now I am pooped........pun intended.
Lily is one sick dog.
She had to spend the night out side and just endured a lot of poking, proding and pricking with needles from the vet.

you can tell just from the look on her face that she is not happy!!!
Plus she smells really bad.
After spending another night outside, enduring another visit to the vet, more shots and a bath...Lily is VERY glad to be home and back at her perch.  She seems to be feeling better.  We will get the test results from the vet on Monday.  He thinks it might be her thyroid.

 The pharmacy was shorthanded for spring break, so I volunteered to work again  today....9-1pm.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning, grocery shopping and waiting for my guys to get home!
Man, I've missed them!

I am hoping your week was better than mine!  Actually it was a good week all-in-all and I got a lot accomplished....just not quite what I had planned.


The Cyber Hermit said...

Poor Lil :(. Hopefully it's something the vet can fix relatively easily. Just would have been better if her illness hadn't...evidenced itself in such a, er, blatant fashion!

I'm suprised you took any pictures the rest of the week!

The Bug said...

Oh poor you! And Lily... Definitely hope it's something that can be managed pretty easily.

Can't wait to find out how the college trip went :)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

poor puppy, never a fun thing to deal with. hope you enjoy your weekend even if your week wasn't as relaxing as you would have liked

Karrie said...

Quite the busy week of unexpected's!
Poor pup! I hate when pets are sick, makes me so sad for them!
That little babe is absolutely adorable!

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, not the week I was wishing for you, but you sound like you have a great attitude about it in retrospect. Glad to see Lilly looks a little more peppy and I hope the test results show that it is something that is very treatable.

We're currently rooting for your home state right now in basketball....just thought you should know. =)

Rebecca Jo said...

Your poor fur baby... makes me so sad to see her face & know how sick she's feeling :(

Mimi said...

I hope Lily feels better soon for both of your sakes!

Hugs & love,

RaD said...

Oh ick, your poor dog... AND YOU! I probably would have thrown up several times before I was done cleaning that mess. Thankfully, the vet's may know how to prevent it in the future.


Poor you and poor Lilly. I know that was rough. Loved the picture of the little man...he is adorable.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

OH! Poor Lily! Hope she is 100% today. AND, hope all your scrubbing paid off...that is NOT a happy job! YUK!

So much for a "down" week huh?

Linda said...

Sounds like a lot went on for you this past week. Sorry about your doggy. I remember what that is like. Not fun!

But having your baby must have been delightful! What a cutie!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

McCrakensx4 said...

Poor puppy...hope she is feeling better and no more messes...not fun for anyone. Glad you have your famback...I am not a fan of being by myself for more than a day or 2! But what a fun get away for them...Hope they found what they were looking for and stayed warm doing it!

Lisa said...

Its so hard when things don't line up with our expectations. What a bummer that your week got messed up!

Kim said...

I can relate to things not going as planned :) But glad you had a productive week in spite of it! Glad your pooch is feeling better. How sad for both of you!
Hoping the coming week is LOTS better :)

momma frans said...

i know its been said over and again, but i'll say it anyway....poor lily and poor YOU!!! hope this week is better for all involved!

rita said...

I wrote a lengthy comment and it would not go through, so here's the skinny:
planning-a mistake! Ha!
both our weeks not what we expected cute baby, he likes you
poor doggy :(
Enjoy your guys!

He & Me + 3 said...

So sorry about the sick doggie. Our doggie has been sick all over our house too. Not fun. Yeah for babysitting. What a cutie.

Tiffany said...

Boy! You were busy. So sorry to hear about Lily, but glad she is better now. I know you missed your boys, too. I hate when mine are gone for just the night.

Karin said...

That was a busy week! Glad doggy is feeling better. So not fun cleaning up after a poo explosion like that.

Amy said...

Your Lily looks a lot like my Maggie. Sorry it was such a rough week with your doggie, but at least she was with you instead of someone else had you decided to go on the trip too!! (trying to see the bright side..ha ha)

You won my little giveaway from a long time ago (took me a little longer than expected to post the video) My email is send me your address and I'll get the little gift headed your way.

Susan said...

Enjoyed your posts!! Hope the dog is better. That is NO FUN at all.

H-Mama said...

It's no fun when our furry family members are sick. Hope Lily is doing well soon!!

A quiet house is nice, but I know it must be nice to have your guys back.

Such a cutie-pie baby! How fun.

It's been a no-go with me and the 365 this year. Boo. I hope to be back on my game again soon. I blame the stupid flu. ;)