Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The beauty of my home state

 This is long, with lots of pictures!
But I wanted to share with ya'll how beautiful my home state is.
I miss it.

We got up 5 AM head out on a day of ATVing in the desert with my dad, brother, and a friend.

People will tell you how amazing the sunsets are in AZ, but the sunrises are just as beautiful!

 This is my soon-to-be 80 year old dad driving his Razor through the desert.  He amazes me.
 We ran into a bunch of cows that wouldn't get out of the road!

 I am always taken aback by the delicate beauty you find among the rocks and dust

 This is my crazy brother making a dust devil with his ATV

 of course, flat stanley came along!

 you will never see a view like this any where else.  just breath taking!
 me and my dad

 my brother and my dad

 This is a gila monster.  This is only the SECOND one I have seen in my life outside of a zoo.  They are very slow but have a deadly bite....once they bite, they do NOT let go.
 Yes, he is crazy
 so is she.

 Look that that sky...incredible.
 this is chimney rock
me and my brother scaling chimney rock!!
I am the dot on the top!!
 like I said....crazy!
And by the way, she received her 2nd grad acceptance today!
We had such a wonderful day!

How will I ever choose a picture for P365?
Which one do you think I should choose?


Rebecca Jo said...

umm... did you say MONSTER? ... and they're HOLDING IT? Oh my goodness!!!

Go dad go!!! I want to be out 4-wheeling at 80 years old!

When did flat Stanley become a GIRL? :) I think they need to rename the girl version...

Looks like a beautiful place!!

And congrats for a 2nd acceptance. I know you're proud!!!

SusanD said...

These pictures make me ache to be in AZ with my dad. Such fun and memorable times. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Debbie said...

What beautiful Arizona photos you shared! I too appreciate the beauty of the desert. It's a wonderful time to live in AZ; I'm in Phoenix.


StephieAnne said...

Those are beautiful. Can't believe the fun Stanley-ella has had! My dad lived in Phoenix as a kid and has an incredible story of his experience climbing Chimney Rock. Our family loves Arizona....considered going there this year for vacation....

BARBIE said...

Beautiful pictures. I've been to Arizona before and I have to say the sunsets are amazing (never saw the sun rise). Oh, and the rainbow after a storm, spectacular!

Mimi said...

Wow, it looks like a great day. I've never been to AZ, but your pics are amazing, I don't know how you'll choose, lol!

Hugs & love,


Your pictures are amazing. You are right....AZ is a beautiful state. I loved what I saw when I was there. It is breathtaking.

rita said...

No wonder you love it!
I will be curious to see which ONE you choose for P365!

Charlie said...

Wauw. Very beautiful!

Cathy said...

Beautiful..all of them! But my favorite is #1.