Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowmagedden and my surprisingly good attitude...

Now that is a title, eh?
And I know most of you are surprised to see "snow" and "good attitude" in the same sentence on my blog!!

We are currently in the middle of what everyone is calling "snowmageddon"
It's what happens in the south when it snows week after week.

Here are some interesting facts about Snowmageddon:

**We are supposed to get 8-10" of snow today
*that will have the same affect as 8-10 FEET would have in the North
**they closed all the schools 12 hours BEFORE the snow even started
**last night both Walmart and Kroger were all out of meat
yes. I am serious.
**the stores have been out of snow shovels for over a week
**we don't have a snow shovel...we left it in Indiana 4 years ago
**the state of AR has already used up its budgeted $$ for snow removal,sand and salt for the year
**this is the 1st snow day that I have actually been able to stay home
thus my good attitude
**they are supposed to get 20" in NW Arkansas where my son is in school
*His school closed for the 1st time in 20 years last week
*It is supposed to be 60 degrees by Monday
*my sinuses will be rebelling...big time
*my good attitude will remain as long as this all melts by Friday so that I can get my son to All-state band tryouts an hour from here

Now back to my coffee and fire.


Jill said...

I hope it is an ENJOYABLE snow day for you! May I be selfish and say I am glad it is you southerners and not OHIO this time??? Go get your book, a cup of coffee, maybe some kindof baked good and RELAX! You cannot GO anywhere!

The Bug said...

I'm with Jill - I'm all amazed that we've had a much milder winter than you guys! I'm glad for your good attitude - and may the snow melt as fast as you need it to.

Elizabeth said...

Your attitude is better than mine. I held it together really well last week, but the blizzard outside right now just irritates me. Maybe if I go take some pictures of it I'll feel better.

JBU really closed down?! That is monumental. When I was in school we didn't even get Labor Day off. I heard they've changed that though.

One more thing-my bff and her husband are opening a coffee shop downtown. I'm sure Jason's heard of it, but I wanted to make sure. It's going to be a great place, for college students especially. Next time you're in SS, I'l come meet you there:)

have fun today!!!

Michelle said...

man y'all are getting hit! we got lots last year, thankfully this year we have only had 2 storms come through. they are calling for snow tonight though, i hope they are wrong :D
isn't life in the south funny. snow storms today.....60's on Monday haha!


We are preparing for possible snow/ice again....I mean come on...this is Alabama.

Mimi said...

Mother Nature is surely having a hissy fit this year!

Hugs & love,

Sara said...

I can't help but laugh. Sorry Sara, this cracks me up. Please please please post pictures!
I was trying to book a spring break down in Texas and saw the temps lately. I'm not spending money to get what I can get here!
Girl, I hope you enjoy your snow day, go make me a snow angel, I'd love to see that!
Out of meat...That's just crazy. It's inches of snow, people, should be gone in a couple days, think of it as a nice body cleanse.
Oh, man you southerns crack me up. I'm gonna go pull out some burgers for dinner. We keep them out in a cooler on the deck this time of year. Bawhahaha ;)
(I hope you know I'm joking.)

Michelle said...

Would it change your mood if I told you that it is a brisk 68 degrees outside my door?

Seriously, I find it so hard to believe that a place like Arkansas that can have such insane heat could actually get that much snow!!

Stay warm.

Anonymous said...


Aaagh...but God had already prepared you for this...just think back to the Minot, North Dakota days! Maybe that is why you have a good attitude? :-) And at least it will melt sooner in Arkansas than I remember it doing in North Dakota!!

If you want to borrow a shovel, just swing up to Springfield, MO and we'll let you borrow one...after we're done shoveling snow of course!

We're the house with the big snowman with tennis ball eyes! :-)

I love the glory of God in a snow...but these long, cold winter days are going to make this spring all the sweeter!

Enjoy your coffee and fire!! Wendee

rita said...

A snowpocalypse!