Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Josh Wilson..See You..Review

I was recently asked to review Josh Wilson's new album, See You, due to release Feb. 8.  To be honest, I had not ever heard of Josh Wilson and when I was told he was known as the "Hey Jude Airport singer" who picked up his guitar in the Newark airport and got the entire terminal engaged in song, I looked him up on Youtube.  It was very fun to watch and I'm sure made the time pass for all the people, but didn't really give me an idea of what kind of artist he was.  So, I really was not prepared for the album I listened to.

It was amazing.  
I loved it.

I have listened to it for several days now and what keeps coming to my mind is...worshipful.  I am not really good at comparing artists, and he probably wouldn't want to be compared anyway, so I can't really tell you "who he sounds like".  But this is an album that I will listen to when I want to reflect, when I want to get my heart ready to spend time with God, when I want to just worship.

You all know my son plays the guitar.  Well, there is one track that is instrumental....just acoustic guitar....LOVE it. 

Here is a little back ground on Josh:

Wilson is now preparing to unveil his third album titled See You on February 8, 2011, bringing all his musical influences to bear—pop, folk, rock, classical, hymns, and more.

Wilson teamed up with sought-after producer Matt Bronleewe (Natalie Imbruglia, Jars of Clay, Selena Gomez) and stretched himself musically throughout the entire recording process, mastering over 20 instruments outside of the typical grand piano, keyboard, classical, acoustic and electric guitar.  Such distinctive instruments consisted of the ukulele, hammered dulcimer and glockenspiel, just to name a few. It was this unique process added to the entire experience of making this record—from days of seclusion writing new songs, to fine tuning every melodic component in studio, that pushed Wilson to a new level of authenticity and creativity in his life’s work.

“I Refuse,” the first single from the project inspired by the Nashville flood and other natural disasters that had taken place around the world (Haiti earthquake) is impacting radio now and climbing the charts! Another one of his songs “They Just Believe” was inspired by a mission trip he took to India and the experience he had in the slums and villages, meeting people who never have heard of Jesus. He has some powerful stories to share with you!

I am now off to check out his first 2 albums!!!! 
Check him will be glad you did!!!


Jill said...

I will Sara. Always looking for good music...not only for ME but for the kiddos to enjoy.

Cathy said...

Sounds good!

Rachel said...

He sounds amazing... I need to go add the album to my wish list!

Samantha said...

The album is so so good! I love it.