Monday, November 8, 2010

The Winner!

Well, I am still floating on the high of my weekend!
I even woke up ready for Monday!!

And I am excited to announce that the winner of my $65 CSN giveway, picked by is:

#9......KIM STEWART!

Kim said:  
Since my memory is bad, the most recent good customer service I received was with the delivery of a fridge from Home Depot. I didn't have all of the parts for the instillation and the fellow used his own parts without charging me for them. Being new to the area he also gave me a ton of info on the town and good places to eat.


I would try to buy something fun for myself that I wouldn't ordinarily a new curling iron, or something for my kitchen...BUT I would end up buying Christmas presents for my family.

So Kim....I will email you your code to use for the gift certificate.  And even though you will be torn to buy something for the family.....step out and buy something for yourself!!!  Listen to your "wild side" like I did!!!  it's fun!!
Have a great Monday everyone!!


Penny said...

Hooray for Kim!!! =D

Cathy said...

Congrats Kim!

April's adventure said...

no hoorays for Kim here...dang it!!
I needed a new knife...(maybe a small woop woop)

LuAnn said...

Enjoy Kim !!!!

LuAnn said...

Enjoy Kim !!!!

Mimi said...

Congratulations to Kim!

Hugs & love,

Denise said...

I agree with April's adventure- no hoorays for Kim! I need a new billfold something terrible. Ok.. poor sportsman penalty. Little clap- "clap". Ok.

He & Me + 3 said...

congrats to kim. so jealous :)