Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Randomness

I am still having a hard time getting used to the whole time change.  I do like that it is light soon after I get up, but being pitch black by 5:30 is throwing me off at night!!!  By 6:30, my body says it is time to crawl in bed and I still have to clean the kitchen and go exercise.....ugh!

So happy to see rain today!  You won't hear me say that very often, but we need it here in AR!!

Looking over my schedule for the next 3 weeks is quite literally putting me in a panic!  Seriously, my heart starts racing when I start contemplating all that I have to do and all that I am in charge of.  The Holidays for those in ministry are some of the busiest times of the year.  I am praying that I can have good time management so that I can "enjoy" them and not be stressed out.  

On that note, I would ask you to pray for your church staff a little bit extra this time of year.....they need it, even if they don't show it!!

I am very excited to see my two oldest kids!!!!  Starting next Wednesday, my house will be FULL and LOUD and I absolutely can't wait!!!

Tomorrow I finish my current bible study on Thessalonians, Standing Firm in These Last Days by Kay Arthur.  Wow, this study has been amazing and has completely overhauled my focus and attitude....which apparently was much needed.  I am sad to see this one end.  I have thoroughly enjoyed digging into God's word and am so thankful for the 6 ladies that have ministered to me through their own digging!!!

Laundry is calling......
I think instead I will go get my 3rd cup of coffee!


Cathy said...

Sara, I'm so happy for you to have your kids home next week. I get to go pick my daughter up on December 15th or 16th and then have her for almost a whole month. I can't wait! I never dreamed I'd miss her as much as I do.

So enjoy your time with your kids and go ahead and drink that 3rd cup of coffee and try to find time to relax and enjoy the holidays. I plan to do the same!(well minus the coffee ;)

Mimi said...

I'm not adapting well to the time change this year either. Usually I'm used to it by now!

I'm so glad your kids will be home soon.


Mocha with Linda said...

As my son and I were heading to his piano lesson last night, I commented that the 6:30 pm dark seems darker than the 10:00 pm dark!

Enjoy your coffee!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am hating the time change...so dark here so early. Yeah for kids coming home, that is always a blessing and fun time to have the house full again. Not that mine has ever been empty, but I would guess so. LOL

rita said...

Needed rain here too today.
May you experience showers of grace and blessing during this busy time of year.

LuAnn said...

The time change - well I still can't stay awake till 9:00 p.m.
And one moring I was ironing at 5:00 a.m.

So glad for you that your family will be together again. I am sure lots of games are planned.

And yes, as a pastors wife I am starting to feel a little of the pressure coming into our lives with the next 6 weeks. But this Sunday I look forward to our ladies Advent by Candle Light.
I am hosting a table with 9 friends coming. IT is an evening of preparing our hearts for the advent season. Several other church parties to host too. I do enjoy all of it but it does get exhausting. Prayers to you, Steve and you worship team.