Saturday, November 13, 2010

Project 365 - Week 46

 Week 46.

 Y'all, we are almost at the end of the year!!!  Can you believe it?  I can not.  This year really seems to have sped by!

I have a confession.  It was SO hard for me to get my camera out this week.  Only 3 of these pictures were actually taken on the day they happened.   They did happened, I just had to go back and "remake" the pictures.  Ugh, I have really got to pick it up and end strong!!!

Here's my week:
 Today the kids learned about an out reach program in LR called International Friendship Organization that reaches out to international students at our local university.  The kids spent the rest of Sunday School cutting and tying the meaning of the candy cane to 100 large candy canes to pass out to international children at Christmas.

Received my replacement Paella pan from CSN's perfect and I can't wait to use it!!

Received this in the mail today.  I have been asked to review it (my review post will come on Monday when the album is being released) and let me tell will want to buy this album.  It is AWESOME!!!

Color has finally come to Arkansas!!
It seems like it popped out over night!
I love this grocery store and am so thankful it is close to my house.  Tonight, Jared was not going to be home for dinner and I didn't feel like cooking.  So I stopped off here and picked up 2 packages of fresh sushi for dinner......yummy!!!

Things have been a bit busy around here lately and Jared has gotten the short end of the stick.  So tonight I told him that we would do whatever he wanted!  He choose ice cream and renting a movie.  I didn't have my camera when we got the ice cream or you would see that it was Lemon Sorbet with was gone by the time I got home!  :)

The youth at our church had a video scavenger hunt today.
They stopped at our house to fulfill one item on their sing a Christmas carol with an elder of the church. 

So, there you have my week....let's see yours!


LuAnn said...

Love Chris Tomlin - how was the CD? The hunt the youth had fun idea. I know how these weeks go - CRAZY !!!!! Sometimes I just want all the craziness to stop. And I know the next 7 weeks will just continue with all the church services , activities etc....
Blessings to you as you also go through it- hugs

Mocha with Linda said...

Can't wait to hear Chris' new CD. The last one he recorded before becoming a married man! LOL

What a beautiful fall tree!

H-Mama said...

I think I have pan envy. Let us know how it works out. ;) You know... I have never tried sushi. Is that sad??

RaD said...

Yep, I'll bet I would love that CD! How fun a video scavenger hunt, and how much more fun that they included you guys in it! Love the candy cane outreach, hopefully someone is introduced to the Savior through it!

Rita said...

At least you got some pics up! This was a rough week - but the end is in sight! Yeah!
I love that title song from the CD, so I am sure the rest would be great!
And sushi - yummy, haven't had that in a while!

rita said...

Am I an ignoramous or what?
I've not tried sushi, nor heard Chris Tomlin. But I have eaten a real paella in its land of origin--Valencia. Does that count for something? ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

AAHHHH - Chris Tomlin! What a fun thing to review!!!

The Bug said...

Ooh - sushi & cold stone - two of my very favorite things! LOVE the scavenger hunt - that's so much fun.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love that song! We sing it in worship sometime!

The kids at our church youth group do video scavenger hunst too. One time they all piled into my bathtub, thankfull it was not to dirty!


McCrakensx4 said...

Fun and busy week for sure. Love Cold yummy! How cool to be able to review a product before it's release date. And that video scavenger hunt sounds like lots of fun!

Kim said...

Lemon sorbet with raspberries sounds so good! I enjoyed a dish of Breyers coffee fudge chunk on Thursday. YUM! Gotta get my fill of American style ice cream :)

This was the first week I've actually taken a photo every day in so long! :)

I have an autumn tree photo too -- was SO excited to see they still had color this far north. That's unusual for November.

LOVE paella! That looks like a good-sized pan so you must be planning on making it for company :)

Have a wonderful week!

Jill said...

a good week Sara!

Sushi from a grocery store nearby? WOW! That is cool.