Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Ya'll, I have had the hardest time getting back into my schedule since I got home from Boston. And though I am reading blogs, I have had no interest in writing on mine....ugh.

So, I just thought I'd share some things I am thankful for today...

1. My God, who knows my needs intimately and supplied them abundantly this week.

2. The Bible, and how much I continue to learn as I study it.

3. My son coming home tomorrow to visit!!!!

4. My other son being incredibly responsible this week.

5. Great friends, both far away and close.

6. Cooler weather! yep, this hot weather loving girl is ready for this change!!

7. Pumpkin spice lattes being back!!

8. The chance to go see my daughter next weekend to help evaluate a grad school....and see two of my BFFs at the same time!

9. The possibility of meeting another wonderful blogging friend!

I truly am blessed!


skoots1mom said...

i'm in a writing slump now, too...
great list!

Mimi said...

I love your list. It made me take a moment to think of my own.

Don't force the writing, just write when you feel it :-)

hugs & love,

Penny said...

Great list -- and I love Nos. 6 and 7!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Lot's to be thankful for!


Mocha with Linda said...

Great list! Is this the trip to check out UT?!

Heather of the EO said...

Pumpkin spice lattes! cheers!

I love how a visit from your away son calls for four !!!! :) It does!!

have a good weekend, friend.