Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank you very much!!

 I'm joining The Daily Driblbes for Thank you very much! Thursday!

Dear son,
Thank you very much son for taking the fun out of my surprise to have your favorite ice cream pie delivered to your dorm for your birthday.  You were so down about not being able to have it and I was so excited to have found someone up there to deliver it to you!!  After talking to you that morning and our agreeing you would be at your dorm at 2:30 that afternoon, it didn't occur to me that you would forget.  Especially since I repeated it THREE times.  You really are very lucky that your roommate walked out of the dorm just at the right time.  I hope you enjoyed it because I wouldn't be expecting that pie in the up coming years.........just sayin'. 

However, I do love you like crazy and am glad you had a such a great first birthday away from home!!!



Debra said... sweet of you to have his favorite pie delivered to him! You are a special mom! Now I wanna know what kind of pie it was??? Oh I can only imagine how much he must have enjoyed it! :)

Jill said...

OH! I love it that it DID work out! You are the BEST Mommy!!! And, being away from home on your birthday can be a bit tough!

Mocha with Linda said...

This is too funny!

So has he started groveling yet?!

Kmama said...

What a nice mom you are!! That is super sweet of you to have the pie delivered to your son. And ice cream pie?? Where can I get the deliciousness that is an ice cream pie???

Thanks for linking up!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

That fall under the category of the "One day they will understand...." until that day we just shake our heads and love them "Like Crazy" even thought they make us crazy!


KDM said...

I think he is also very lucky if the roommate didn't eat the pie to 'keep it from melting' before he got back.

Mimi said...

How funny! Good thing for the roommate.

Hugs & love,

BARBIE said...

Oh no! Funny thought. Glad for the roommate and you are such a great mom!