Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project 365 - week 44

Week 44.

Ok, well I am running late this week.  I think my whole week was like this....I just seemed to always be a step behind.

So here's my week:

Our Hall of Faith is growing!
This week we studied Noah and the kids got to build and ark with food and then eat it!!!

 Happy Birthday to my son!!!


 Our marching band taking the field at regional competition
This was our very 1st competition and we took all 1st in each category!!!!
The kids were so pumped!!!


Got this recipe off of Pioneer Woman's blog this week.
Beef and snow peas......SO GOOD!!!

No picture today.
I worked a full day and honestly can't even remember what I did other than that!
 Our church hosted a conference on the book of Romans this weekend.
We had a professor from DTS come to teach it.
My brain is not used to working this hard, but it is so great!!!
I am just soaking it up!  I will have to post on it once I get all my thoughts together.

We hosted a family that came in for the conference.
It was so much funny having small children in my house and getting to know this family!!!  I really can't wait to be a grandmother!!  And kids, if you are reading this...that doesn't mean any time soon!!  :)
So how was your week? Link up so we can see and be sure and visit everyone else's!!!


Mocha with Linda said...

Another fun week. Wow - Romans in a weekend?! That would be like drinking out of a fire hydrant!

Rachel said...

Looks like a great week! Happy birthday to your son, Yay for Romans (would love to read your notes on that!), congrats to the marching band (whoo hoo!), and Hooray for little kids in the house! We have a little train track lover at hour home too!

Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

What a fun idea to make a craft you can eat! I'm guessing it was pretty messy though :)

So many great things this week: birthday! winning! food! Romans! It all looks like fun.

Have a wonderful week!

StephieAnne said...

1st in all categories at the competition - woo hoo! Looks like a busy week, but very rewarding.

Rita said...

Great job at the band competition and Happy B'day to your son! That recipe looks great!
There will be grandkids soon enough! :)

The Bug said...

That was definitely a busy week!

This morning I was the lector at church & I was contemplating the fact that the Isaiah passage was SO MUCH easier to read than the Thesselonians passage - Paul's just harder for me to "get."

skoots1mom said...

your weeks are always so busy and you have such wonderful pics of all your fun..enjoyed seeing them...

He & Me + 3 said...

Those pictures are so crisp. Nice job. Happy birthday to your handsome son. I say this all the time but your Hall of Faith is spectacular. I love it.
1st in every category is AWESOME! congrats to them all.
Hope you have a wonderful week this week.

Karin said...

I LOVE your hall of faith!! SO COOL! What a great way to help them kids remember the stories they are hearing. :) Love the edible Noah's Ark, too.

rita said...

ALL good!
A full, wonderful week.

Ladynred said...

The beef looks good and yummy!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

My weekend was so busy I am just now getting my 365 up and running!

You and be both!!! We had a Ray Vander Lann conference at out church this weekend and my head is still swimming with all the information it took in!!!!

I am sure that there will be a post about it in the near future once I get all my thoughts sorted out as well!

Great week!

Great week, I remember all those marching band competitions too! Great fun!


H-Mama said...

What a busy, fun weekend. I'm always impressed with how open your home is to guests... A reflection of your sweet spirit. :)

Hope to link up soon... Better late than never, right? ;)

Jill said...

Good week...I have NOT seen the beef and snow peas recipe (FAN of Pioneer Woman) and really want to try it!

McCrakensx4 said...

Love those creatively yummy! Hope your son had a terrific bday..what a special day and congrats to the band. How exciting! Fun and busy week for sure. Love the perspectives on your Friday and Saturday pics!

RaD said...

Man! I've been a bad project 365er. I got sick one week and it's snowballed ever since. Now I have a lot to post. Errrr....

On a brighter note, congrats to the marching band! And I like how you added that little reminder to your children at the end, gotta cover your bases!

Tori said...

Oh those busy weeks! I feel your pain. Your HOF is coming along nicely and who can beat an edible ark?
You just can't go wrong with Pioneer Woman!
Great job to Jared and the band!! Quite an accomplishment for them.
You are going to be an awesome grandma someday!! If you ever want to practive, I have plenty for you to chose from!
Have a super week!