Saturday, October 16, 2010

Project 365 - Week 42

Week 42.

This week was a true roller coaster.  Starting out with a huge disappointment of Jared getting sick and missing his marching band competition.  And yet ending with so much excitement.  Seeing my daughter and getting to meet 2 blogging friends.

At this moment I am sitting at my friends house, relaxing.  She is a HUGE Auburn fan and my other friend who came with me is a HUGE Arkansas fan.  I am having more fun watching the two of them than I am watching the game!!!  They have drawn lines on the sofa!!!  Sports fans are so funny!

Here's my week:
Our dear friends the Schellhases are back for a very quick visit.  It has been a year since we have seen them and it was so good to give them a hug!!!  They are missionaries in Niger.

After a great visit with Jason, I had to sadly say goodbye to him.

These 3 items = one sick boy!  :(
 Since Jared is sick (and I am not feeling to good myself), I am home for the day.  So I spent the afternoon putting together a photo book of my Boston trip.


My college boy will be home this weekend.
I will be seeing my college girl.  
So I decided everyone needed some homemade cookies!

Flying to Houston tonight to see my girl!
The sunset was so beautiful landing in Dallas!!
What a GREAT day!!!!
Alyssa and I spent the morning touring and interviewing at the University of Houston.  She really likes the program and it was a great morning!
 Then we met two of my blogging friends for lunch...
 You know it is a strange phenomena spending time with someone you have never met and yet you feel like you have known each other forever.  Two hours went by in a blink.  I loved getting to know these two ladies in person and also talking about our ministry connection.   They are both as sweet in person as they are on their blogs and I am so thrilled that they took the time to meet me!!!

Today was very fun.
A lot of hanging out.  
Watching football.
We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at a Tai restaurant...yum!

 My great friends Susan and Wendi

My awesome daughter and me!


The Bug said...

What a great week - well, except for Jared being sick.

Love Jason's Toms shoes!

rita said...

Such a beautiful daughter.
What a privilege to meet the two bloggy friends!

Sara said...

Aren't those photo books just a blessing?!? I was a scrapbooker and then I had my second child and it all went out the window, but thank heavens for Shutterfly and Snapfish! I make the kids a book every year, and your idea of making one for trips is a GREAT one! Sara, I love seeing your pictures, you give such a good sense of what life is like and I love that. I will admit I envy that picture of You, Linda and H-Mama...I just live so far away from y'all! :(

Tori said...

What a fun week! Love the view fling in to Houston.
I was sorry to hear Jared was sick, but glad about his good attitude.
Alyssa looks fabulous! And you look very happy being with her!!
Have a great week!

Rita said...

Roller coaster-what an accurate description! Hope everyone is feeling well. Jell-O water is a must for sickies around here!

McCrakensx4 said...

Bummer about missing the band competition but what a fun way to end your week. What fun to meet bloggy friends...I have never had the chance to meet any of mine! Those cookies look delish. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Mocha with Linda said...

Wonderful pictures of such a big week!

Now I'm hungry for chocolate chip cookies!

Lisa said...

Busy week! Not surprising for you though. :) Lots of kid time...yay! I really like your white shirt in that picture with Alyssa.

Shutterfly does such a good job with their products and they usually have good deals going on.

Rebecca Jo said...

Uh oh... as soon as I saw those 3 items, I was like "There's the sick picture" - the remedy is universal :)

Deb said...

So thankful we got to be with you last Sunday, though our time in Little Rock was way too short. Every hug was like honey for the soul.

We love you!

H-Mama said...

It's easy to see why everyone who meets you, loves you. Hope Texas treated you well! So much fun hearing the laugh and feeling the hug behind the blog.

Hope Jared is feeling much better now.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I hope you are both feeling better!

You did have a busy and varied week!

What fun to meet a fellow blogger:)

I am really late to the 365 party todaty but my post is up and runnign!


Cathy said...

Looks like a great week Sara! So glad you got to be with your girl and your boy both!

Linda said...

I'm still smiling Sara! I am so grateful I got to meet you and your daughter. What a blessing.

doggone mint though...I look like a chipmunk! HA!

He & Me + 3 said...

If only I could remember to link up. Grrrr.
Sorry to hear that your son was not feeling well. I hope that everyone is better now. Yeah for meeting blogging friends. So awesome for you. It is such a great time. Yum to the chocolate chip cookies too. Mmmmmm!

Mimi said...

It looks like an awesome week!

Hugs & love,

SmilingSally said...

Since you were able to fly out to see your daughter (and blogging buddies) I assume you didn't catch Jared's bug. Good!

Please come see my outside shots. You won't believe it!

Seizing My Day said...

visiting from H-Mama... fun you all got to connect... wonderful that this land o blog has brought so many blessings into our lives through the amazing people we meet! I love your mimi.. (spelling?) ... maybe I will try to join it next week... one picture a day... recorded in a week wrap up?! =) nice to meet you virtually anyway! Hope your son is feeling better!

Amy said...

Took me awhile to get around this week...but awesome pictures. What a fun week with a lot of hellos and goodbyes...

Karin said...

What a busy week! Glad you didn't get sick for your big trip. So happy for you to see Alyssa and your bloggie friends. :)

Kim said...

Finally starting to catch up -- and then I see how much you packed into your week and I feel like a total slacker. LOL You did all that AND got your Project 365 post up!