Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project 365 - Week 35

Week 35

Ok, well last week I told ya'll that I needed a week of nothingness...

...and I got it when I got sick on Sunday night. I really hate being sick, but I have to say that I needed that down time and it was good for me!!! yep, that's actually heard me say (or write) that I needed the alone/down time......not something I say very often! Guess my body knew it better than I did.

And the week couldn't have ended better. I was able to go to Tulsa for the Women of Faith Conference with 12 other ladies from my church. All I can say is....Wow!!! This will have to be another post!

Here's my week:


I am really having a problem with Sundays lately. pictureI ended up getting sick this afternoon...ugh!


I spent most of the day on the sofa today...
..watching old episodes of Glee..
..still sick.


waiting and waiting for a call or txt or ANYthing from my son that lets me know he is alive and well.....boys.
It didn't help that I am still sick....and now depressed.
Not really, ok maybe a litte, but I enjoyed another quiet day...
..of nothingness!!!


I am better today and went to work for about 3 hours.
We have moved to our smaller kitchen table for dinner since there is only 3 of us now. :( Jared is obviously not too sad about it!!!


today continued my week of nothingness..
I am completely well....yea!!!
So my friend and I decided to go to a movie, Step Up 3D
So fun!!!
As you can see from the empty chairs, we had the whole theater to ourselves!! We could talk and comment during the movie and nobody cared!!! :)

FridayWe got up at 4:30 this morning to drive to Tulsa for the Women of Faith Conference.

Tonight, we got lost trying to find a particular restaurant for dinner. But ended up finding Wolfgang Puck's restaurant!!! What a treat for this foodie!!! And the food was A.MA.ZING!! The cool thing was that we had just heard one of the speakers talking about "detours" in your life that seem frustrating but are completely orchestrated by God.

This morning started off with a very special time of worship. Hearing thousands of women's voices being lifted up to God was so beautiful!!

This is our group!!
Do you recognize anyone?

Lori from The Davidson Den lives near me and joined us on the trip!! It was so great to spend the weekend with her and get to know her better!!

So over all, my week was pretty much....great! How was yours?


Dena said...

I'm sorry you had sick, but yes, as wives and mothers we tend to neglect ourselves at times, and God does know what we need, doesn't he. :)

Glee is one of my guilty pleasures too. I love all the songs, even if some of the story lines are questionable.

We haven't gotten a smaller table now that we are just 3, and I wish we did. It makes me sad to see the other empty seats.

I can imagine how awesome that conference was. So glad you had a great time!

The DG Family said...

What a busy week! Glad you are feeling better, I really need to get on the Glee bandwagon. :) The conference looks amazing! I am not looking forward to the days of waiting for a phone call from my grown up boy, thank goodness we still have another eight years to go.

Lisa said...

How cool. Shame on Jason for not calling his mother! Jared is suffering, huh?

Those conferences are so great. I love how God gives us what we need, when we need it.

So fun you got to spend some time with Lori and good for her that she got away.

McCrakensx4 said...

Being sick is no fun but I love all of the nothingness!! Glad you were feeling better by the end of the week and were able to enjoy you Women of Faith conference. You house must be so quiet with only 3 of you at home now. Hope you have a great week.

Mocha with Linda said...

Glad you're feelong better. Great pics!

He & Me + 3 said...

I did recognize Lori. That is too cool. What a great experience.
My hubs forgets to call his parents all the time too. It is a guy thing.
Flaming cheese is somekind of block greek cheese that they set on fire with brandy and lemon...the kids eat it with pita bread...but actually they don't eat it. LOL
Sorry you were so sick. Glad you are better now.

Beverlydru said...

Hi Sara! I think slowing us down is kind of like trying to slow down an express train. Hey, but everybody on board is having a good time, right?
Blessings to you. Always enjoy my visits with you.

LuAnn said...

Glad you are feeling better - what a great way to end the week. How is Jason doing in school???

Rita said...

Something about Sundays - haven't been working for me either!
So sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you got to watch some Glee - and am glad you are feeling better.
How fun to meet up with Lori! Looks like it was fabulous at the conference!

Kim said...

My son hardly ever called or came home once he was at college :( Our daughter called every day the entire first year! LOL
When the son (who is older) went to college, our daughter was absolutely gleeful at being "the only child" for a change :)
Sounds like altho your week started out rough, it ended up FABULOUS. Seriously jealous of your visit to Wolfgang's place :)
Trust you're completely well and looking forward to a week "back to normal"!

Debra said...

Sara, I'm so sorry you got sick , but thankful that you're feeling better now! You've had so much going on and stay so busy all the time, so I guess your body had to tell you to slowwww down and take a rest and refuel. Lol why do we have to get sick to get that down time, though? Right now I'm getting more down time than I want, recovering from back surgery, since July 21st. Oh am I ready to get back to some sort of schedule and busyness. Lol

Isn't the women of faith conference awesome? We took a group of our ladies last year and it was so good, even though Satan tried to destroy it with the bomb scare, but he didn't win! God got the victory because we stayed and went back the next day and it was the best day of the conference, I mean the messages were so moving we were all in tears. I knew there was a reason someone put that fake bomb in the bathroom, it was because Satan knew God had something great in store for us the next day and he didn't want us to hear it. But God got the victory! It was actually pretty exciting and a little scary at the same time because we didn't actually know what was going on for a few hours, but we knew something was up when they made us leave our seats and hearded us to an area and kept us there. Only 3 of us in our group were locked inside not know that thousands had been evacuated outside. They finally evacuated the rest of us once the bomb squad got there and then we found out on the news that night that it was a fake pipe bomb someone had attached to the bathroom wall. Of course we had already decided we were going back the next day before that because we knew it was gonna be good if satan was trying to destroy it and we were right. It was sad to see a lot of empty seats that next day though because that meant those ladies didn't have enough faith that God was in our midst and would protect them. It was a great conference and a memorable one too!
Glad you and ladies got to go this year! Wow, I didn't I tend to write a book...haha sorry this was sooo long!

rita said...

God's ways, not our ways--so true!
Even sickness can be a blessing.
All a matter of perspective.
Jason does not call? Isn't it wonderful that he's in college and enjoying it so much he doesn't have time (?) to call!
Did I hear you say/think: Yeah, right!? JK

The Bug said...

Looks like your week was what you needed it to be - a little down time & a lot of fun!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I had no idea you had been sick early in the week. :( What a blessing God allowed you to get all better before our trip to Tulsa. Which, by the way, was so. much. fun. You are a very fun travel-mate!

Sorry Jason didn't call to ease your mind. (I was like that with my parents, unfortunately. I would go off to camp and not call one time! I really wasn't trying to be mean to my parents, I'd just be having so much fun that I couldn't seem to find the time to get away from it to make a phone call. My poor mom.)

And no!! I'm not calling you a liar! ha ha! I AM saying you're quicker on your feet than I, however.

Rebecca Jo said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE you got to go to WOF... that's the "other" conference. you got to go to the "Imagine" one... i'm jealous! :) love the picture of worshipping hands... so sweet!

How was Step Up 3D? love a good dancing movie, but cant imagine what it is like in 3D, in your face...

Jill said...

So sorry you were sick but your week ended up SO GREAT! What a wonderful time of praise and worship!!!!!

Tori said...

Sometimes we need something to make us slow down, don't we?! Glad you got better quickly and could still enjoy friends and refreshment!
It looks strange to see you at a small table. I know the time will come for that here too someday.
I recognized Lori, but have to say I was glad you posted the pic because she hasn't shown us a full face front photo with her new do! :)
Have a super week!!

Mimi said...

I'm sorry you were sick, but luckily it wasn't at the end of the week! The conference sounds amazing.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Better late than never. My 365 is up and running.

WOW! not my best week as far as a picture a day!

So glad you are feeling better. But in my experince when we do not take the necessary time to rest God makes decision for us sometime that force us to be still even if it is in a sick bed.

One day I am going to make it to a WOF event!

It looked amazing!


Amy said...

Wow you ran the gamut...sick to a road trip!! I also love Glee, can't wait for it to start up again.

I would say have a better week, but yours turned out to be just what you needed!

Mama Belle said...

AW ... you're in my old stomping ground. Makes me miss Tulsa so much more. I know you had a great time!

H-Mama said...

A rough start, but a week that ended well, yes? :)

Meeting bloggy friends? How fun!

Glee... first season? When will s2 be available? Sigh.

skoots1mom said...

love me some women of faith...they are sooo exciting and rejuvenating...eager to go to more.
This transition w/ college certainly has its ups and downs, emotionally and financially speaking...i'm sure my meds have helped with my emotions, hahaha, but my blood was boiling over a '4-ticket' event with the car/campus police and their changing a parking zone without notifying the students(dd hadn't been to her car since she moved in...and they changed the lot color...they want us to pay $200 for her being illegally in the SAME place.)...hubby's gonna get involved with this one, I'm sure.
She'll be coming home 9/19...think i'm going to do a surprise fondue dinner...i've been buying 'thrift' fondue sets so i can have multiple pots on the table. Staying busy is helping me...what about you?