Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project 365 - Week 33

Week 33.

This was another HOT week in Arkansas and another busy week in the Bowyer household. I really hate to see this week end.....mainly because summer is officially starts Wednesday. But the biggest reason is that this is the week we drop Jason off at college. It has come way too soon! We will be driving him up on Friday........lots of changes coming...


We had all the elders and their wives over for dinner tonight..
I love these guys!

We played a game of "family" and it seems that the elders knew each other pretty well!


Jason bought some henna and had some fun today.
ya, this boy will have a tattoo some day.


The youth group came over for a swim party tonight.
Thought I'd try a new angle!

This was a crazy busy day!!!
it started with me making 2 salads for a welcome back lunch for the teachers at school.

Then I had bible study.
Next I went to serve the lunch to the doing this!

Steve's mom flew in mid day for a visit...
...Happy Birthday Ma!!
and we ended the day with a concert at the church!
busy day....but lots of fun!


Tonight the marching band performed the music they have learned so far in band camp for the families. Then we had a pot luck and a great time visiting!!


Today, my 77 year old MIL got her ears pierced for the 1st time!!!

Doesn't she look great?!!


After a relaxing day doing just about nothing.....ya, perfect....Steve's mom took us all out for catfish...Yum!!!

So what did the end of summer look like for you?


The Bug said...

Love the tattoo & those salads look really yummy - but it is NOT the end of summer in our neck of the woods. Don't have kids, it's still really hot - it's still summer. Heh. Actually, Dr. M starts teaching at his university a week from Monday.

Cathy said...

Looks like a great week and your mom looks cute in her new earrings. Those salads look really good too. Yeah we take our daughter next week!

Rita said...

Great week! You make me feel bad complaining about our heat - and thankful! That tree is amazing, he did that himself?! I love that your Mother-in-law just got her ears pierced!

Tori said...

Another busy Bowyer week! That tree is good. He did that himself? I love that Steve's mom got her ears pierced! Too fun!! Will be praying for Jason as he enters this new season of life and for you and Steve as you adjust to him being away!
Have a great week!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Fun week to end your "leisurely" summer with! :-)

Those salads look incredibly delicious.

Kim said...

Now I'm hungry! LOL
I haven't had catfish in years. Looks so good!

Yay for your MIL getting her ears pierced! I wonder what new thing we will do when we're 77?!

Will pray that Friday won't be too difficult for you. He won't be too awfully far away, will he? In my experience, unless they're a continent away they'll figure out a way to come home periodically wanting a home cooked meal and loaded won with the dirty laundry that's been accumulating for weeks :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Those henna tattoos look so real. wow
Love your moms new accessories. Cute.
Your pool looks like such a fun pool...always something going on.
Yum to the fried food :) & the salad of course.

Lisa said...

Fun times, as always. I agree, your MIL is super brave of her!

I'll be praying for you this week as you drop off Jason. I imagine it won't be as hard as the first AND he is a guy, but still difficult.

I'm not linking up today...lately I just haven't been getting around to all the others like I should so I feel guilty posting my link.

McCrakensx4 said...

Sorry I missed last week...but I caught up today with 2 weeks worth! Love that your MIL got her ears pierced for the first time at 77...that is awesome! And that catfish looks yummy. I would love to have a henna tattoo...looks so very cool. I had one done on my honeymoon (henna NOT real!). And I would love it if we got a welcome back lunch like that...what a nice treat for the teachers.

2Thinks said...

Looking good down there. Hot here too! Maybe I can actually get back in on the 365 now that I have my camera back- Fash stole it, but got a new, better, fancier, ORANGE Canon this weekend. I'm only a bit jealous.

H-Mama said...

Love the henna tatto and your MIL. Ear piercing at 77. Love it!

Is it the end of summer yet? I'm so done with this heat; however, I might feel differently if we had a lovely pool such as yours! Fun!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Just woke up from the best nap! My 365 is up and running!


LOve the henna tat!

You had a busy week!

Y'all have so much fun at your pool!


rita said...

How did the MIL decide to take the big step? I love it, and the result!
The tatoo is beautiful, as are all your photos and what they represent.

rita said...

How did the MIL decide to take the big step? I love it, and the result!
The tatoo is beautiful, as are all your photos and what they represent.

StephieAnne said...

Ah, Sara - what a bummer that school is starting already for y'all...we have until after Labor Day.

Looks like you are embracing all of the days left, though - love the piercings and tatoos! =)

rita said...

Why did I link up twice? Signs of Alzheimers???

Lori said...

Your pool pictures make me want to have a pool again!! What a great entertaining spot. I will miss Karen too. The memorial was very touching. I will pray for you this week as you take Jason to school - pray for me next week! Have a good week and enjoy your time with your incredible son!

Bellezza said...

Perhaps you were relieved the tree on the arm was just henna? I live in fear of Daniel, my 19 year old, getting a tattoo. It seems everyone has them, but I couldn't stand it if he did.