Saturday, June 12, 2010

Project 365 - Week 24

Week 24.

I know I have been MIA since I got back from vacation, but this has been a busy week.   I know, I know, you don't have a lot of sympathy for me after coming home from a cruise!  However, you know it is SO HARD to get back into the swing of reality!!!  Ugh!!!

Most of the week was spent emptying suitcases, doing laundry, fighting off a cold and working on a photo book for my've got to do it while the memories are fresh!!  It's turning out awesome!!

Then Friday, we left to take Jason to Early Registration at college.  I wasn't feeling great but we had such a good time.  He is all registered and ready to go......seriously, he is  :)

Here's my week:
Good bye to the ship!
a great vacation behind us.
hours in the airport means a game of settlers of catan...
do you notice anything weird in the picture?

(alyssa made a photo book of "the adventures of gumby and pokey" on our vacation.  It was hilarious and so creative!)

came home to two more nests and two more mama birds
under our deck.  The one on the left sits very still and quiet.
The one on the right opens her mouth and moves up and down
like she is going to attack you any minute.

The 3rd one is still sitting on her nest down to the right.

No picture today
trying to get back into the swing of reality
and getting ready to take my son
to early registration for college on Friday

Started this study today.
It's going to be AWESOME!!
this is what my laundry room has looked like all week.
These are currently Jason's clothes waiting for him.
We took Jason to ERP (early registration program) at JBU today
getting his student ID picture taken

yea for free shots!!
..when they are not for ME!  :)
today started with a worship service.
how awesome to be worshiping with a room full of college students!!!

at the end of the service, the chaplain had all the incoming freshmen come down front and then he prayed over all of them.  Loved this!
We then finished up his schedule and registered for his classes.
I now officially have a college freshman.  :)

So how was your week?  Link up!!!


skoots1mom said...

<3 me some Gumby and Pokey...i used to watch it each Sunday morning before going to sunday school growing up :)

Rita said...

Coming back is always so hard - it's great to be back, but always lots of catching up to do!
I love the Gumby and Pokey - I bet they had a great vacation too!
Ooh- Beth Moore, I'm sure that'll be a good one.
Didn't that boy just graduate - how are you able to process all this?!
Glad to have you back!

Elizabeth said...

I know that picture book is gong to be amazing! But your laundry pile makes me want to cry!

You have no idea how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel to see the JBU pics. That chapel is/was a big part of my life. And I remember ERP like it was yesterday, even though it was 14 years ago (yikes!). What dorm did he end up in? If it J Alvin, tell him to watch out. Things get crazy in there!

He & Me + 3 said...

I'll bet it was hard to say good bye to that cruise and vacation.
I noticed Gumby right away. LOL too funny.
What a neat thing to lay hands on and pray over the incoming freshman. I love that.
I hope I remember to link up when mine goes up at midnight...but I am tired already.
If you swing by and see that i have not linked...would you link me up?

Karin said...

Oh friend...I can relate to the laundry and having a tough week. Hopefully next week will be better and you won't be sick anymore.

Dena said...

I saw the Gumby and Pokey, but since I didn't know what the game was you were playing I thought perhaps they were part of it. LOL What a cute idea!

The new bible study looks great!

I love that they prayed over the incoming Freshmen. Awesome!

Mocha with Linda said...

Gumby and Pokey bring back memories of Flat Stanley!

I enjoyed your pictures and hope your cold is on its way out!

Tori said...

Gumby with his cards was very clever! What is that game? Never heard of it.
You'll love the study! We have 2 weeks to go.
How exciting for Jason!! Sounds like you are handling it pretty well too!
Have a super week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

I know what you mean about coming home from a need another one just to get over the other one!! lol! Your laundry room looks like mine and I didn't even go on vacation! freshman, how exciting!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Oh, I LUV Gumby and Pokey! Miss them. :(

How neat that you have such a cozy deck that all the mama birds worth their salt have taken up residence with YOU! My kids would ADORE this!!

OH. Laundry. I can relate. Every day of my life...I can relate.

Exciting times starting college!! I actually remember exactly how I felt when I pre-registered, got my ID, and all that fun stuff. Wow. I don't want to do it again, though... :)

Shannon said...

You are going to love that bible study. I can't believe that she actually makes Revelation understandable for me. Glad you had fun on your trip.

He & Me + 3 said...

The rain one of my pictures was the first one in the soccer huddle. :) I didn't like having my camera in the rain but agent stood over me with the umbrella. LOL

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love Gumby & Pokey!

Getting over vacation is rought, maybe you should take a vacation!(LOL!)

Blessings for a more restful week and hope you get out from under all that laundry!


Kim said...

Hope you're feeling lots better. I can sympathize since I spent the last 3 weeks battling a nasty head cold. NOT FUN.

Your laundry pile looks like mine after a week in Sta. Rosa :D I really do like doing laundry though. I think it's because it's something I have control over -- not that I have control issues or anything. LOL

Settlers of Catan is a favorite family game; my hubby informed me recently he misses it so next furlough he's reclaiming it from our son :D Got a huge kick out of Gumby and Pokey playing along! That's such a clever idea that Alyssa had (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!).

Ivan loaned our camera to our co-workers yesterday and not sure when I'll get it back to download photos for Project 365. Not going to worry about it this week since we'll be in Sta. Rosa. I'll catch up next week :D

Have a wonderful week!

The Bug said...

Boy college was too long ago for me to remember how I even picked my classes freshman year, much less how I registered LOL. I remember seminary a little better - mostly because it was a mess! Glad that's done - although it probably makes it harder for him to wait now.

Hopefully next week will be a little more like normal for you!

Elizabeth said...

I always say I need a vacation from my vacation... it's always tough getting back in the swing of things...
Hope you are feeling better!

LuAnn said...

fun~fun~fun~ :)

RaD said...

I never want to "get back in the saddle" after coming home from vacation. I just checked out last week's pictures too and some of them are gorgeous! I'll bet it was hard to leave.

Sara said...

I love looking at your week in's like a glimpse into your life. SO fun.
Nina and I have been playing Skipbo. She is just getting into games. She is fun to play with because it's not about winning for her, it's about "playing" together. I love that you are a family that plays together, you set a great example; in many other ways too. :)

Mimi said...

Looks like a great week!

Lisa said... don't get a break, huh? Right form highschool to the college thing!

I think its so coll how many games you brought on the trip with you. Its hard to believe we will ever get to the point when the five of us will be able to play an adult game together. I'm not rushing it! But its cool to see that it does happen. :)

sanjeet said...

I enjoyed your pictures and hope your cold is on its way out!
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SmilingSally said...

Boy this was a GOOD week! I love the birdies nesting and the prayer for the students.

H-Mama said...

Like mama, like daughter. Too cute.

Looks as though you haven't had the chance to get the 'post-vacation blues'. ;) Maybe you'll skip that part and just get right back into the normal swing of things... if there is such a thing. ;)


Debra said...

Wow, that was quick...he just graduated and now he's already registered for college...y'all don't mess around. lol Hope you get all that laundry done and hope you get over your cold soon.

Oh and I've never even heard of that game and now I'm intrigued.