Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Dozen

Hi, my name is Sara and I am a Lostie.

I am with Linda and am very sad LOST is coming to an end, but strangely happy as I hope to get answers to my questions!

Random Dozen has a LOST theme this week!!!! Here goes:

1. Have you ever been so lost that you were really afraid? I can not remember a time when I was so lost that I was really afraid. I have been lost before, but think I wasn't smart enough to be afraid! ha!

2. Have you ever been to an island? Yes, and if I had my way, I would live on an island! I have always said that I was meant to live on or near the water! I have dreamed of retiring to a caribbean island and having some kind of ministry to tourists. Maybe give sailing tours....then while you have them out on the beautiful ocean (and they can't get back) share the gospel! ha!

3. Are you more of a thinker or feeler? I am a feeler for sure!!

4. Do you tend to see issues or situations in life as black and white or shades of gray? I am a feeler, remember? There is no black and white!!! :) just kidding, sort of.

5. If you were stuck on an island, what book would you hope to have with you (Let's pretend the Bible is already there, so you can't say that.) I would hope to have either a journal that I could write in and record my adventure or if it has to be a book with writing in it then one I have not read yet that is really long!!!

6. What are you most afraid of? on the surface, I could say spiders...HATE them. But if I take a deeper look, my answer would be losing one of my children.

7. Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones? Wow, this one is hard and I really don't know how to answer. I love my memories and would not want to lose them. However, I had a friend who lost all his memory in a motorcycle accident. He didn't know his wife at all. How wonderful (though hard) that he was able to make new memories and rebuild their life together. So I think I would have to say that I would rather lose my old memories...though it actually makes me anxious to write that!

8. Pretend I'm looking at a scrapbook page about you. There are three spaces for you to drop in individual pictures. What are those pictures of, and why did you select them? This is a great question, I love it! First, would be a picture of my family because I heart them and they are oh so important to me. Second, would be one of me cooking dinner for friends. I love to cook and I love my friends! Third, would be one of me praying. It would be the biggest picture because without my relationship with Christ, all the rest is meaningless. He is in the middle of it all.

9. If you were re-doing your wedding, what would you do differently? (If you're single, tell me one thing you would do if you were planning a wedding OR huge party.) I would make sure I had a better videographer. Videoing weddings was new when I got married (yes, 26 years ago) and some friends said they would do it for us. Video cameras were BIG then and the camera was on a tripod during the wedding. Well our wonderful videographers were not watching the camera as it slowly slipped downward and basically videoed the pew seat for most of the wedding!

10. Tell me one thing you know/believe about forgiveness. I know that without forgiveness, I would be lost. I know that as a follower of Christ I am commanded to forgive as God forgave me. I also know and believe that forgiveness brings healing.

11. You're waiting in a doctor's office. What is your favorite way to pass that time? reading a book.

12. If there were a clone of you in a parallel universe what is one way you hope she/he would be the same as you and one way you hope she/he would be better? I hope that she would love people as much as I do and I would hope that she has way more discipline than I have!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Mocha with Linda said...

These are great answers! Glad to know I'm not the only one with a messed up wedding video! LOL

SusanD said...

These are great answers. I love the pictures you choose. It's so fun to see the different directions people take with the questions. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Cathy said...

Great answers. Loved your scrapbook page one.

Joyce said...

I said the same thing more or less about my wedding. We tell our kids our first video camera made us look like we worked for ABC...I do wish we had the day on tape though. See, that's one of the reasons I can't let go of the old memories : )

Linda said...

the guy who video taped our wedding accidentally recorded a football game over it before we were able to see it. YEP, shoulda gone with a professional!

He & Me + 3 said...

Great answers Sara but I really love number 8 and that the biggest picture in your scrapbook would be of you praying. Awesome answer. He is the MIddle of it all! Amen!