Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project 365 - Week 17

Can you believe that we are in Week 17?!!!

Ya'll are doing so good and I am impressed with the number of people we have still will be so glad that you have persevered!!! Keep it up!

I also can't believe that I just came from my son's SENIOR prom. He has exactly 2 weeks left of his HS years.....where did the time go? What happen to the little boy that always kept me laughing with his antics? It goes so fast.....I am so thankful I have it documented in pictures!!!

Here's my week:
My cousin found this willow tree angel in a small store we visited after the Butterfly Festival. She bought one for each of's perfect!!


Jason's graduation announcements came!
Can not believe it's almost here.


Today we celebrated the life of my good friend's father.

I always dread going to the dentist....
...but always love the feeling of clean teeth when I leave!!


This is not a great picture because I had to take it on the sly...

the university that Jason will be attending in the fall had a dinner for incoming freshman in the area. It was great. They put all the kids at one table to get to know one another and then the parents and family sat at tables around the room. I was so impressed with this and happy to get the opportunity to meet some other parents with children going to JBU.


trying to lose weight before summer...
....and realizing these meals are not so bad!!!


Senior Prom!

So what was your week like? Link up and let us see!


Tori said...

That Willow statue is perfect! I can't believe he is graduating and how do you finish school in 2 weeks?!
Love the prom picture...they look marvelous!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun week! I know...can't believe the school year is almost over...only 19 days here...Love his date's pretty!

RaD said...

Wow! You guys get out of school early in your area, you must start sooner than we do too.

A senior, eh? I can wait for those days I really can. Sometimes I can't believe my oldest is 8, I can't even begin to imagine 18!

Ladynred said...

wow! congrats to your son. You must be proud.

Christine said...

I'm realizing more and more that we blink and it's over. Well, not completely of course, but childhood... having them under our roof and under our care. Looks like the Lord has blessed these years, Sara, and God (with help from you and Steve) has raised up a wonderful young man to continue His work. Blessings upon blessings on you these weeks as you celebrate this leg of the journey.

Rita said...

So many changes happening . . . so many memories being made . . . hoping you have to time to sit and digest some of it!

rita said...

So true about documenting with photos!
I am in the process of uncovering/unraveling/putting together family histories and even a few old tattered photographs tell so much. Our descendants will be very blessed, and more so if we write down our stories.
Go, Jason! Go JBU!
Saw all the prom pics on FB. Lovely!

LuAnn said...

i love jason's invites. You and steve have a lot to be proud of. And that he his continuing in the ministry. blessings on your week ahead!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Graduation invites have changed a lot since I was in high school!

What fun pics.

Jill said...

I always enjoy your week in photos.
Your SENIOR is looking so handsome! His date too.

Happy Sunday to you!

Dena said...

Isn't it amazing how fast those years go by???

Love the prom photo. They look great!

The Bug said...

Boy your son is handsome! I know you're proud of him...

I feel the exact same way about the dentist - probably because I used to ALWAYS have cavaties.

Kim said...

Such a handsome couple! They grow up SOOOOOO fast. *sigh*
Lean Cuisine was always a favorite; my "go to" frozen dinner choice whether I was dieting or not :-)
We know some students at JBU, some related distantly, some not. Sounds like a very good school!
Have never been overly fond of going to the dentist either but am so happy to have found one here that I like and trust! Wish I could find a good doctor now. Ugh.
Love the Willow Tree figurines; so simple yet beautiful!
Am probably not going to get this week's 365 up until tomorrow. Or even Tuesday.
Have a great week!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful Willow Tree figurine...I love the graduation announcements... the older I get the faster time seems to fly...

Lisa said...

Wow...all things senior and college...scary! But also so rewarding to see the fruits of your labor. He is handsome and must be so proud!

I will post on wed when we get b aCk from vaca...itsz more trouble than its worth right now but my sun just wouldn't be complete without checking up on you.

He & Me + 3 said...

love the announcements. Very cool. So pretty for the senior prom. Love that dress. I always enjoyed the Lean Cuisine meals when I was dieting. They are pretty tasty. I need to schedule appointments for the dentist too. I just got our postcards.

Jewel said...

The dentist I don't mind, it's the EYE DOCTOR that I dread!

What a great opportunity for Jason to meet other incoming freshmen! I would have loved to attend something like that!

Beautiful prom picture. They both look awesome!

Beverlydru said...

Looking at how your photo journal makes me want a decent camera. You inspire me!

shell said...

he is graduating?!?!?!!? man i still picture him in middle school, when we moved in IN. great pix!

StephieAnne said...

There's a little ache in my heart as I see all of this about your son. Yesterday, I nearly teared up as I wrote down "Fifth Grade Promotion" in my datebook knowing his time in elementary school is coming to an end so fast. Looks like you've done a phenomenal job - what a handsome guy!

Maria said...

Congratulations on all your son's achievements. I love his graduation announcement. I've only seen the traditional ones that can be ordered through the school.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Better late than never. I cot my 365 Up today!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

#1 Love Willow Tree!!!!

#2 What a cutie pie!!!

All that senior fun! What a cute couple!


H-Mama said...

Awww... Your boy looks so handsome in his announcement.

You and I share the same sentiment for the dentist. Oi.

Again, I love the Willow Tree angel! You are so right. It is perfect.

Elizabeth said...

He;s going to JBU!? You know we loved it there, and he will too!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Love Willow Tree stuff. I've always wanted their Nativity Scene.

I think Jason's announcements are awesome! I'm with you...something like that should be unique and really make a statement. CERTAINLY beats the traditional style.

I hate. the dentist. But it really makes me laugh that you had your camera out there!