Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365 - Week 5

Here we are at week 5. How are you doing? I didn't miss any pictures this week!! That's a start.

For the last 2 days, we have been iced in. What is it about snow/ice days that makes you feel like it is a holiday? All work goes out the door and it is nothin' but fun all day long. We had a blast, but my house is a wreck and I didn't anything done....ugh! Now I have laundry and cleaning stacked up......BUT we had FUN!!!

Here's my week:


our drama for the kids on Sunday.
Nebuchadnezzar praise the God of Daniel when the 3 were saved from the fiery furnace.


taking Lily to the groomer this morning.
She's lookin' a little nervous!!

Big pot of chicken and noodles.
we are feeding the homeless under the bridge tonight.


My Blurb book came!!!!
I LURVE it!!!


My friend and I went to the mall tonight.
She was cracking me up how she was trying on a dress!


This is the kind of snow Arkansas gets.
no school today....yippee!!!


More snow and ice today.
So, I headed across the street to my neighbors to make jewelry.
We also sewed and hemmed her bedroom curtains

What was your week like? Link up below and show us!


Esthermay said...

Has your church ever thought about making movies like that church that produced Facing the Giants? Seriously, you guys are really into the drama! Very cool! My very serious husband would call it “pragmatism” :-o I say, not necessarily and gO foR iT!!!

Doggie!! What a beautiful name, Lily & you haven’t highlighted pretty girl before on Project 365 -- or else I’ve totally missed it! She’s a gorgeous dog.

I need to make a pot of chicken and noodles – thanks for the prompt :-)

Whole concept of Blub: amazing!


Ice Storm – Pretty ...but you know I’m from Minnesota – we laugh at your ice storm, but you know this full well having been a Yankee at one point...

Wonderful week of photos! I dare you to go one week without a picture of FOOD! hehehehe


beckyjomama said...

OK, the pants around the ankles is stinkin HILARIOUS! LOL!!!!!

Love that y'all had snow days with just that much snow. You would go NUTS up here in the frozen north!

H-Mama said...

Your pup sits and faces the front while riding like our pup does. ;) I love your blurb book! Such a great idea. How fun... getting to together with neighbors.

It'll be hard to beat the 'pants on the ground' pic. TOO funny!

LuAnn said...

Isn't it fun to be iced in.
Beading with the neighbors and a little sewing - love it.

Of course - love the pants on the ground. Did you now that guy made the whole thing up (that is the song).

I'm wanting some of that soup too.

Have a great week dear !!!

Blessings to you and the family :)

Cathy said...

Do we get to see the jewelry you made? I love seeing your Lily and you're right she does look nervous.

Darla said...

making jewelry and sewing curtains sounds super fun! ...and your blurb book looks lots better than mine. i just posted each picture in order(no words), but i have been suprised that the teenage kids that come over have been the most impressed...that suprised me! i am contemplating doing another with words, my mom scolded me for leaving them out! lol.

He & Me + 3 said...

Great pictures. I would love some of that soup right now. Hungry. Your dog is adorable and I do that too to try on dresses:)

Elizabeth said...

Your dog is so cute!

How exciting that you got your book... I look forward to trying to make one next year...

What a great way to spend a snowy, icey day....making jewelry with neighbors...

Kim said...

Just looking at those icy photos cooled me off a little :-) Glad you made good use of the "down" time to have FUN with the family!

The chicken and noodles looks SO GOOD. One of my favorite winter time foods.

Excited to get crackin' on my blurb book! Thanks again for having the giveaway that I won!!! :-)

Melissa said...

Your pictures look great!

The play looks like fun and really entertaining. Wish I could see the whole thing.

Your blurb book looks SO cool. I might have have to do that after the year is over. What with all the kiddo pics in myP365.

I have a funny hunch that "friend" just might be you. No...just joking. I think that is a GREAT idea. It takes SO long to try on dresses.

I dont have my pics up yet because my camera died while I was trying to do it last night. I will get them up this afternoon though!

rita said...

Delightful drama! (So something more with these!)
BEAUtiful book! (Now I want one.)
Lovely Lily.
Happy homeless! (How many do you feed? How do they survive ice days?)
Interesting ice-days!

(Hope you noticed the alliterations ;)
Have a great week, Sara!

Mocha with Linda said...

LOL - I've tried things on like that when I don't want to mess with taking off my shoes to get my jeans off!

Love that book! The times we live in are amazing! (I sound like my mom!) A friend has a similar one of her child's wedding pictures; it sure beats the traditional "Mom of the Groom Photo Album"!)

I need some of that soup for my sinuses and scratchy throat. And I laughed - just before I clicked on your blog I thought "I wonder what she cooked this week!" :-)

Amy said...

Your dog is precious. Our dog Maggie is a border collie mix and looks very similar to yours. I moved to CA from Conway Arkansas and used to hate the ice, give me snow any day. Love your book...will have to look into that!!

Great pictures


Rita said...

Your blurb book looks awesome! Were you pleased with the way it turned out? I am glad the snow and ice was like a holiday for you, it looks like you enjoyed staying in!

Rebecca Jo said...

The pants kinda take a litle bit way from the dress... that's hilarious!!!

Hi, I'm Angie! said...

Is it REALLY for the homeless? Do they have anywhere to go during the bad weather?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blurb book. I was thinking about making my own at the end of this year. I hope you'll take a post and tell us how you chose what pics to use, who did you go with, what size, etc. I think we'd all enjoy a tutorial! :)

That's a FRIEND that will let you take a pic like that! Loved it.

I'll keep my snow over your ice, thank you! Yuck! We have enjoyed relaxing indoors this week, as well.

Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I'm with Angie...snow is better than ice any day!

You and Darla are stressing me out about my Blurb book. I know how to do it and I did one last year, but I know its a bit of work to actually make it into a book...just not a priority right now.

Making jewelry sounds like fun!

McMrs said...

Great pics!
Im hoping to start up for week soon as i have time to go to best buy and get me a new camera! =]

skoots1mom said...

great pics this week...hope you've had a chance to enjoy the snow :)

McCrakensx4 said...

I have heard about those blurb books...very cool! And love the snow pretty! Great week!

Tori said...

Chicken and Noodles, you know we love 'em!
The pants around the ankles is hilarious! What would Stacy and Clinton say?
Branching out into jewelry now, are you? Just a talented lady you are!!
Have a super week!!

Jill said...

Are we FIVE weeks into the new year already????!! OY!!!

skoots1mom said...

thx 4 coming by...
no special recipe ... just a gallon-sized ziploc, 2-3 tblsp. Teriyaki sauce and 2 large mahimahi steaks
I let them marinade at least an hour or two. I grilled them for about 9 mins per side...(to keep from falling through your grill, double over extra heavy duty aluminum foil, punch some holes in it and place fish on top, then you can get the spatula under them and turn without them breaking completely apart)...I also like to sprinkle some sesame seeds on top as they're grilling that last few probably already know all that...can you tell i used to write methods and procedures for BellSouth?!

McCrakensx4 said...

Thanks for fixing my link!! :)

Bellezza said...

You might be gald you don't get snow such as we do in Chicago, but a snow day is good no matter how it arrives! Thanks for your birthday wishes, Sara. You didn't leave the prize you might wish, so let me know if there's one that appeals to you because you did read some Japanese literature.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Lily is so pretty!!!! Border Collie? Just gorgeous!

And so is your Blurb book! What a neat thing to have.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Your blurb book looks so great! How neat to have that to look back on your year.

Snow days are play days at my house too...I've always got lots of catching up to do after a snow day. But they sure are fun!

Abiding Branch said...

I love these pics. No doubt your friend is a fan of the Pants on the Ground guy!
The book looks wonderful!! and the dog is priceless!!! The snow reminds me of the Circle K slushies!! the ones with the dog on the cup. :)

Growin' with it! said...

that look on lily's face is a RIOT!

The Bug said...

Your book is gorgeous! I'm going to have to think about doing one for our Christmas poems. The only problem is that we're not done yet (seeing as how we're still alive LOL) - how can I do a book when we're not done? Hmmm - we've written 18 of them. Our 20th anniversary is next December. I could either do one for our 20th anniversary, or wait until we've written 20 poems & do it then...

2Thinks said...

Scrolled for an hour to get down here to leave you this little "hello there!" That is one whoppin' big pot of soup. I love what you did with it.

About that snow, that does not look like enough snow to close school over- jus sayin' Guess that's the difference between Arkansas and Michigan. ;)

Marice said...

what a series of great photos!