Saturday, January 23, 2010

Freaking out.....just a skosh.

Steve and I went over our February schedule today..
..and I'm looking for a paper bag to breathe into.

How we will accomplish it all...
...will be a minor miracle.

Here is just our weekend schedule for Feb.
(remember we also work on the weekends)

1st weekend
Jared in Jonosboro (2 hours away) for all state competition
winter formal...dinner for 10 kids at my house

2nd weekend
Steve and Jared in AZ for 16th birthday trip
Jason to JBU (3 hours away) for music scholarship audition

3rd weekend
Sara to Abilene to visit Alyssa
Jared to Hot springs (1 hour away) if he makes all state band

4th weekend
Sara in TX for 16th annual girls weekend
Steve at church men's retreat

...this does not include our every day stuff during the week!

Just praying that it all goes as planned and no surprises come up!!!

...ok, now where is that paper bag?!


Mocha with Linda said...

I'm so sorry you don't have anything to do!

Hang in there!

(And where in Texas are you going to be?)

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

I am with you! My weekends are booked till March. However allot of my stuff is strictly fun so I am not freaking out. I'll be praying for you that it will all come off calmly!

rita said...

And 'they' tell us to "Simplify, simplify, simplify!"
Those weekend activities sound like fun, though.
Just let the house go ;)

Abiding Branch said...

Yes where in TX?I know its a big state but doesn't hurt to ask.
Fearless by Lucado does have a journal/study book. That will be an awesome study for any lady or man for that matter. But I think some (men)are 'afraid' to admit fear, unless it is having fear for their children, now that is a fear I have heard my husband admit.

You should check out this for a ladies weekend some time: A lady there, Janet White is a wonderful speaker and has arranged a ladies event called Feminar for last 20+ years. This year Mandisa is the music and often it has been POG and Selah a couple of times.

Can't wait to post pics, captured some great shots this week!

Abiding Branch said...

Wrote a book and forgot something still. I would be afraid to put my whole schedule out there. You are one brave lady. Just looking at mine could send my motor into stall.

Denise said...

And where is that "Day of Rest" going to fall in your week?! Can March be the weekends of rest?

Melissa said...

You know, there are times when I actually wish for things to do in my life because I am bored. There never seems to be a "happy medium".

H-Mama said...

Bless your heart!

Jill said...

Maybe you need to plan a weekend AWAY the first weekend of March to recover!

skoots1mom said...

i'm tired just reading it!
enjoy your month :)

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

If you happen to find the paper bags, would you mind handing ME one, too??

Michelle said...

wow! what a schedule. looks like you have a lot of fun stuff planned but oh, my that's A LOT!