Saturday, December 12, 2009

Project 365 - Week 50....and a future give-away and contest!

Week FIFTY!! I can't believe we have only TWO weeks left of this project!!

I promised a give-away on the last week and after considering the options, decided to give-away a $20 gift card to blurb. It just seems fitting to the project and I know we will all want to make a book of our year.

Here are the rules.......1) you have to post on the last week, 2) you have to have participated a majority of the year. Many of you came in in the middle but have consistently participated and some of you have had to take breaks..that's ok! 3) you have to post about your book when you finish it!!!

I took the week+ off of blogging and I have to say that it really gave me time to get caught up, get in the Christmas spirit (yea!) and to do some reevaluating. And I have come to the conclusion that I just can't imagine not doing project 365 again next year. I have so enjoyed chronicling my life and also getting a glimpse into yours! I want to keep it up! So, I will be hosting this project again in 2010 (hey, that rhymes!) those of you who offered to take it over, thank you!!! I am thrilled that others want to keep going too!!! Are you in?!

Here is where the contest comes in! I think we will need a new button. So, I would like to challenge you creative types (because I am lacking in that category) to design one. Post it on your last weeks of project 365 and I will pick one to start the New Year with!!!

Now on to my week:

We decorated our tree tonight.
Putting the angel on the top was even more meaningful this year.
My Aunt gave Steve and me this angel the 1st year of our marriage.

I am missing her so much.

Mom and I worked all day on a digital calendar for her 60th High School reunion.
It turned out so good!


my boys had their Christmas band concert tonight.
It was AWESOME!!

But THIS was hilarious.....

This would happen to be my husband's car!


Mom and Dad left this morning and I was back to work.
I spent my time learning a new computer system we now have....ugh!


Making spiced ornaments tonight.
Wow, do they smell good!!

go here for the recipe!


Holiday Chex Mix!!
I like Cheerios in mine and no nuts.
now it's Christmas!! :)


These are 2 of my neighbors.
Mandy (the in black) battled colon cancer this year and beat it!!
Last weekend, she walked a 1/2 marathon. So we decided we needed celebratory pedicures!!!
I am so fortunate to have such great neighbors and friends!!!

What have you been up to this week?


Jill said...

What a great concert...celebrating the END of cancer...Chex mix (I like the Cheerios and ALSO Cheezits!) and I have NEVER done spice ornaments but love the idea!

Mocha with Linda said...

NO NUTS?!?! Why bother to make it?! LOL

Love the pictures.

Joel said...

Sara -
Thank you for doing this again in 2010. I can't imagine not posting a picture daily. I even have friends who asked if I would continue. So I have to say that I am thrilled !!!!

Great Pictures this week - so happy your break helped you !!!
Hoping Alyssa is already home!!
Enjoy !
Thanks !

Joel said...

Sara -
This is LuAnn - I have no clue why my husbands name showed up on that post????

LuAnn said...

Dahhhhhh!!! It helps if you sign on !

Elizabeth said...

I am so excited that you will be doing Project 365 again next year... I am so excited... I will join in next year also... I have no clue how to make a button so I hope your other participants can help you with that.
2 more weeks left! Woohoo!

LuAnn said...

We each have our own laptaps and something is wrong with mine. I have to remember to sign in.

LuAnn said...

We each have our own laptaps and something is wrong with mine. I have to remember to sign in.

Darla said...

i am so happy that you are doing this again! i can't imagine not doing it either. it has become part of my life. and thank you for doing this! it has been a huge blessing getting to know you all!!!

Kim said...

Your week sounds so fun! (except for maybe having to learn a new computer program) I love the IDEA of a pedicure but since I can't have anyone stand to actually touch my feet, I'll never have one :-) My feet are SUPER ticklish, even on the top of my foot. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm excited you'll be hosting 365 again! Will have to think about it. I LOVED participating but it is a big time commitment in the land of slow internet connection :-)

Hope this coming week is another great one!

Lisa said...

Wow! That's great you will be hosting it again. It is a big commitment, but so worth it when you look back over a year and REMEMBER! And now that we know each others family's so well...we'd miss each other!

She walked a 1/2?? That must have taken a LONG time! Cute idea to make ornaments...I bet my girls would really be into that.

I do not know the first thing about making buttons, but I will definitely be making another blurb book...they are priceless!

Edie said...

I love your first and last pictures and significance best!

So glad we will be doing this again! Thanks so much for hosting it Sara!

I'll pray about the button. If you have any design preferences you would like to share...:)

Cathy said...

Great pictures. Congrats to your friend for beating the cancer. My sister beat breast cancer about 15-16 years ago. Thank you Lord! Love the angel. So pretty.

2Thinks said...

I didn't exactly do Project 365 tonight, but I did chronicle (briefly)my most recent favorite memory of last week when my son was visiting. Since it isn't exactly a Project 365 post, I won't link up, but come visit if you want to get a load of the homecoming we had w/Pilgrim.

I look forward to being more diligent in a weekly Project 365 for 2010. Now that I know a bit more about blogging and posting pics- it should be easier to keep up. Should be. Should.

I can smell your baked ornaments from here and there is joy in my heart for your friend who beat the cancer!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Love your special it must be, especially this year.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Ok, I totally FAILED big time with this project this year....but I'm seriously considering hopping onboard again!

The expectant mother space had me rolling! I didn't know they had those!

rita said...

I am excited about the ongoing Project 365 and very grateful to you for hosting it!
I have no clue how to design a button. Sounds like Edie will win this and there will be no contest, unless she graciously gives out some guidelines to the rest of us.
I took a break from some of my blogging commitments last week and used the time to catch up like you.
And you can see I continue in that mode 'cause I have not visited all the P 365 posts yet :(
Thank you for the times you visited my blog and commented!
About your week:
--sweet memories of angel-Aunt
--Mother/daughter digital project, challenging and great way to work together and make memories.
--I've never seen such parking designations!
--pedicure party, way to celebrate!
Have another wonderful week!

Michelle said...

you have done an awesome job keeping up with this.... me on the other hand not-so-much! ha!

your tree topper is adorable!!

and is that a pierced belly button in one of the photos? heehee

Growin' with it! said...

all these festive photos and then the parking spot...HILARIOUS!!